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For several years now, Mariazel She has become one of the most important women in the mexican television. Thank you for your participation in the program “I fall over laughing” and her sports coverage for other media, the comedian and actress has stood out for her charisma, talent and beauty.

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However, not everything has been rosy in the life of the artist. A few years ago, the actress also had to undergo some surgeries and aesthetic treatments after a man shot him in the face trying to kidnap her.

Find out here what surgeries the driver had to undergo after this violent event.


The television figure underwent various surgeries after the terrible incident that almost cost him his life, as a bullet shot entered his chin and exited behind one of his ears.

Although she has not mentioned exactly what facial operations she had to undergo, the artist has confessed that they had to place a titanium plate on her chin, which is why her face underwent a few physical changes. Likewise, she has said that she spent a year in rehabilitation, having speech problems.

While there are rumors that he also underwent rhinoplasty which left him with a very turned up nose, this has not been confirmed. The actress has avoided giving details on the subject.

Fortunately, these surgeries did not leave the actress with any major scars, so her beauty was not affected. The truth is that today, at 41 years old, she looks totally different from the young woman who suffered the incident. In that sense, she dedicated herself to succeeding with her career.


The member of “I fall laughing” reported that in 2005 she was the victim of an incident that marked her for life. This episode occurred when an assailant shot her in the face while trying to assault and kidnap her.

That day, she was trying to get out of her car and some subjects intercepted her. Those men demanded her belongings. At that moment, the presenter states that she realized that they intended to kidnap her.

“They begin to pull me and I feel that it was not just an assault, but that they wanted to take me. At that moment I get very nervous and he starts to hit, I kick him and then they get more aggressive and he pulls my hair.he pointed.

Opening her mouth, the driver felt the gun and was shot next to her chin. When she touched the back of her ear, she narrates that she could feel the point of the projectile.

Currently, Mariazel confesses that this episode is confusing for her. A clear example is that she considered that it had happened to her when she was 19 years old, but her family assured her that she was, in fact, 22 when it happened.


The artist considers her survival to that incident as a miracle. She narrates that an unknown man took her to the hospital and accompanied her until her family arrived. He left her a note that the actress read when she recovered and there she mentioned that her name was Angel.

She never saw him again, but she is sure it was her guardian angel.


Mariazel Olle Casals is a host, actress and model born in Spain in 1982. Despite her European origin, she has lived in Mexico since she was very young, which is why she considers herself more Mexican than Spanish.

Before becoming famous, she was almost always linked to the entertainment world, since her acting career began when she was very young. Over time, she decided that comedy was the path she was going to take with her profession.

The presenter shares her day to day with her followers (Photo: Mariazel / Instagram)
The presenter shares her day to day with her followers (Photo: Mariazel / Instagram)

Currently, Mariazel shares her daily routine through her social networks. There, she shows all her followers images of her with her best looks, trips to the cities she visits, moments with her co-workers and family hobbies.


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