Maricarmen Marín to Pedro Castillo: I hope there is security for the people we love

Recently, Maricarmen Marín announced that she is pregnant, as a result of her relationship with television producer Sebastián Martins. From her position as future mother, the presenter made a special request to the new president of Peru.

During the most recent transmission of Women in command, the driver was no stranger to the proclamation of Pedro Castillo as the president of our country, and he was encouraged to speak on behalf of all the mothers who are concerned about the future of their children.

The comments of Maricarmen Marin They arrived when Thaís Casalino asked him what his baby would ask the leader of Peru Libre.

“For all those who are expecting a baby … You who are moms, The desire is always to want Peru to advance, that there is security for all the people we love and that we love, that we can live in peace“Replied the cumbia singer.

“As all the people in common have mentioned, ask him for honesty and also be attentive, in knowing who is on his team to avoid repeating the story of all those who already have a background”He added Maricarmen Marin.

For his part, Giovanna Valcárcel also addressed Pedro Castillo. “Me too, well, I’m not a mother, but I would ask that everyone be respected, everyone as we are, how we live, how we want to be respected. Because respects, they keep respects ”, he emphasized.

Los Juanelos on Pedro Castillo: “The majority chose him and respects himself”

Through Facebook, The Juanelos greeted Pedro Castillo and indicated that they respect the results even if they are not to their liking.

“We finally have a president! We don’t like it at all, but the majority chose it and it is respected. Now it remains to be attentive and prepared because what is coming will be difficult. We wish Castillo the best, because if he governs well, Peru will do well.. But let Castillo know that we are attentive here, “wrote the group.

The Juanelos greet Pedro Castillo. Photo: Capture Facebook.

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