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Mobcast Games announced a collaboration with the franchise of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling) in the launch of an application for smartphones that includes an alarm clock function with recorded voices of the character Marin Kitagawa, female lead of the play. Entitled as “Marin Alarm“, is an alarm app featuring brand new lines of dialogue from Marin Kitagawa, exclusive to this release.

With over 70 lines of recorded dialogue, the user can set up to three of them in combination to create the phrase that Marin Kitagawa will speak to you upon waking up. Furthermore, if the customer purchases the “30 additional lines”, then they will have access to a total of 100 lines of dialogue. The press release lists a price of 730 yen (regarding $6) and availability only in Japan, and describes the following highlights of the new app:

  • Alarm function with up to three favorite voices.
  • It can also be used as a reminder by specifying the date and time.
  • Up to 10 alarms can be registered.
  • The alarm playback screen shows various scenes of Marin Kitagawa.
  • The wallpaper on the main screen can be selected from six different types.
  • There is an album feature to view a list of the app’s wallpapers and voices.

Sinopsis de Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Engrossed in the family business of traditional doll making, Wakana Gojou is a reserved first-year high school student with no friends. With the painful memory of a childhood friend’s disdain for his interest, Gojou can’t relate to his classmates and his hobbies, causing him to isolate himself. Gojou has not yet perfected the making of the dolls’ faces, but he is exceptionally skilled at making his clothes. His skill with the sewing machine is soon discovered by his beautiful classmate Marin Kitagawa, whose boldness and honesty Gojou both admires and envies. She instantly shares his own hobby with Gojou: he likes to dress up as erotic video game characters.

However, Kitagawa does not know how to sew her own suits, which leads her to seek Gojou’s expertise. Being drawn into the lovely girl’s endless adventures related to cosplay, Ella Kitagawa becomes the first friend of hers who fully accepts her. Thus, although they are polar opposites, their relationship slowly flourishes thanks to her ability to help each other in the intricate world of cosplay.

Fuente: Press release

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