Marine Le Pen: her father Jean-Marie still bitter, “I sowed, she reaped”

PHOTOS – Marine Le Pen: her father Jean-Marie still bitter, “I sowed, she reaped”

In the columns of the Parisian, Jean-Marie Le Pen criticized the double five-year term of his daughter, Marine, president of the National Rally. He would expect more political effort from him.

Since Marine Le Pen took over from her father Jean-Marie as President of the National Front in 2011, their relations degraded. If the co-founder of the party, which became the National Rally, in 1972 was delighted with her election, convinced that she would follow in his footsteps, he does not draw up a good balance sheet of his double five-year term. Questioned by our colleagues from Parisian, this Saturday January 16, the one who was struck by Covid-19 would expect more from her successor.

I sowed, she reaped. But in agriculture, you have to sow”, Said Jean-Marie Le Pen, acerbic. Before adding: “Marine Le Pen does not do it enough so that the RN appears today as a great alternative force.”Nevertheless, the former boss of the FN admitted to our colleagues to 20 Minutes, this Friday January 15, that his daughter was endowed with “exceptional qualities, since she managed to occupy “a prominent position in French politics”. The 92-year-old politician even thinks she might have a chance to pass “in the third round” of the presidential election 2022, and represent the national and popular right for which (he) fought for 50 years”.

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