Marine Lorphelin confesses her big lie about Sylvie Tellier, so that they “let go of the bunch”

Facing Laurent Ruquier in the show Children of TV, Marine Lorphelin comes back to one of his biggest lies! Indeed, at the time, the former Miss France is present on the set of Do not touch My TV. Facing Cyril Hanouna and to her chroniclers, the beauty queen invents a story from scratch. According to her, this is a subterfuge to be left alone! Because at this time, the young woman is at the heart of a controversy.

Marine Lorphelin : she reconsiders her lie concerning Sylvie Tellier

Not very pleasant memories

Live on France 2 this Sunday, November 22, Marine Lorphelin talks about his career and the defining moments in his life. Asked by the famous presenter, the pretty brunette talks about her experience in Do not touch My TV in 2013. For a few days Marine Lorphelin makes a lot of talk about her. In particular, when she mentions the Miss France 2021 competition. Indeed, the pretty young woman returns to the beauty contest which will take place this year on December 19.

Moreover, she specifies that she will not be present at the ceremony. For “Personal reasons”, Marine Lorphelin will not attend the famous election. However, one of the participants is very dear to him. Since this is her sister, elected Miss Burgundy. The Navy Cadet Lorphelin will indeed also try her luck to become the most beautiful woman in France. But obviously, Marine Lorphelin does not wish to participate in this extraordinary evening. On the set of France Télévisions, the ex-Miss takes the opportunity to recall other memories. In particular a very passage destabilizing for her, on the set of Do not touch My TV.

A lie to try to silence the controversy!

During this broadcast in TPMP, Marine Lorphelin feels uncomfortable. In addition, one of the chroniclers Christophe Carrière launched a real attack on him. “I don’t see how you make a difference with the others since Sylvie Tellier is always behind you”. In order to get out of this situation, Marine Lorphelin make up a story to cut the conversation short. “I gave her my gastro so she wouldn’t come tonight”. Today, facing Laurent Ruquier, the former Miss France admits that of course, it is a pure and simple invention. “But of course it was wrong, but there you have it, you always have to justify yourself on everything, have the word to make them laugh and so that they let go of me”.

Very surprised by this revelation, Laurent Ruquier also seems amused by this admission. ”You invented! You tell anything and everything ”. Seven years after her coronation, Marine Lorphelin finally tells the truth. But at the time, she had just been elected Miss France 2013 and she is very young. Apparently, she doesn’t seem ready for the media and the critics. Moreover, during this passage in TPMP, the election of Miss France is compared to ”An agricultural competition“. From then on, the young woman tried to defend herself as best she could. Even if for that, she had to invent a lie. But since that time, the beautiful brunette feels comfortable in front of the cameras. Today, she has more experience and knows better how to react in all circumstances.

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