Marine Lorphelin ex Miss France posts a photo without clothes in her shower, despite the approach of the centenary of the Miss contest

Marine Lorphelin was elected Miss France in 2013. She was also the 1st runner-up in the Miss Universe competition the same year. The Miss France contest is a real institution with very strict rules. The protocol notably refuses candidates to have participated in photo shoots without clothes, whatever the artistic orientation. It is therefore for this reason that the recent publication of Marine Lorphelin questions. Because just a few days before the centenary of the Miss France election, she posted a photo of her, taking a shower, on her Instagram account.

Marine Lorphelin appears without clothes, in her shower

The centenary of the Miss France contest will be celebrated on December 19, at Puy du Fou. But Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin, isn’t she breaking the rules by posing in her shower? In any case, it is not his Instagram followers who will complain about it. Especially since the beautiful does not pose only for the pleasure of the eyes of her fans. Indeed, Marine Lorphelin is thus promoting a solid shampoo from the Garnier brand. Committed to preserving the environment, she was won over by the solid shampoos in the range. With this alternative to ordinary shampoos in bottles, she drastically reduces her plastic consumption. It was therefore important for her to offer this ecological alternative to her fans on social networks. And what better way to do it by demonstrating it?

Without clothes, wet hair and under the jet of water from her shower, she is smiling like never before. Her solid shampoo in hand, she seems delighted with the effectiveness of the product. The comments of his fans are not long in coming under his Instagram post. Compliments are heard from almost all of its subscribers. On the other hand, some accuse him of promoting big brands, to the detriment of small businesses that have the same kind of ecological initiative. What Marine Lorphelin retorts that the ecological fight should especially not stop with the big brands, on the contrary. Large groups like Garnier employ thousands of people and they are the ones who will drive change forward more quickly because they inevitably affect more people.

Could the Miss France committee sanction her for this image?

Here are the reasons which lead Marine Lorphelin to pose in her shower, washing her hair. But the purists of the institution Miss France would see an opportunity to sanction it. After all, the protocol is very clear about having your picture taken without clothes. Will Miss France 2013 have her scarf confiscated for a while? Still, the committee is unlikely to be concerned about this. Indeed, they are Miss in office or candidates for the election who focus the attention of the committee. Moreover, Marine Lorphelin has a sister named Lou-Anne, who has just been elected Miss Burgundy 2020. She will then compete in the prestigious competition to try to become Miss France.

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