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Marinovic left the plenary session of the CC after refusing a proposal from the right

This Wednesday afternoon the Constitutional Convention lived a tense moment, in the middle of the Plenary in which they debated on the Secretariat for Indigenous Participation and Consultation who will advise the Convention. The representative of Chile Libre, Teresa Marinovic, was captured with an electronic cigarette, removing the mask inside the enclosure and, finally, abandoning the instance.

It all started when a subcommittee proposed to the Board of Directors 22 names to make up the Secretariat. As reported Bíobío Chile, 15 corresponded to representatives of native peoples, five were selected under the category of “pluralism” and another two were commissioned.

During the debate, the machi Francisca Linconao opposed the appointment of Richard Caifal. “As a machi, I don’t want Caifal, because he was governor of Temuco, of the province of Cautín during the second government of President Piñera, and he did nothing for his people”, He stated, highlighting that was not proposed by conventional reserved seats, but Eduardo Cretton (UDI).

At that time the constituent Marinovic lowered her mask to wield words that were captured by the record of her peer Christopher Andrade (Constituent Town), while other members of the body yelled at him to put it back on.

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“Teresa Marinovic leaves the hemicycle without a mask, repudiating the Native Peoples, disrespecting the CC ”, tweeted Andrade, also known as“Blue Dino“, The corporeal with which he protested during the social outbreak. In addition, he recalled Marinovic’s closeness to the Republican party, noting that the sector “does not respect diversity and are aggressive. They cannot reach the government ”.

Through the social network, the conventional one responded, claiming that “I left because you They said that a Mapuche had no right to be at the convention because he was from the right“, Adding that” that is unacceptable, it is completely undemocratic. “

However, Caifal was finally removed as a proposal to integrate the Secretariat, generating criticism from the conventional part of the former Vamos por Chile.

Ruth hurtado He accused the “radical left and PPOO” of discriminating and taking over the convention afterwards, rejecting the epithets with which they spoke of whoever was appointed as governor by President Sebastián Piñera.

It would be Caifal himself who, through the networks of the president of his Evópoli party, Andrés Molina, would express himself about what happened: “My name was excluded only for thinking differently or belonging to a different political sector. I am the son of a Mapuche father and mother ”.

Finally, regarding the votes in which it was decided which members will make up the Secretariat: Cindy Quevedo (Colla Town), Lesly Munoz (Pueblo Colla, presented by the conventional Isabel Godoy), Claudia Ogalde (Pueblo Licanantay, presented by the conventional Félix Galleguillos), Melissa Espíndola (Pueblo Licanantay, presented by Galleguillos), Daniel Barrera (Pueblo Licanantay, presented by Galleguillos), Marta Rodriguez (Pueblo Chango, presented by the conventional Fernando Tirado), Kattya Tabilo (Diaguita Town) and Sofia Faúndez Hey (Pueblo Rapa Nui, presented by conventional Tiare Aguilera Hey).

The list continues with Ines Flores (Aymara people, presented by the conventional Luis Jiménez), Haylen Chang (Pueblo Quechua, presented by conventional Wilfredo Bacián), Rosa Huenchumilla (Mapuche people, presented by the conventional Elisa Loncón), Huenulef Millao (Mapuche people, presented by the conventional Natividad Llanquileo), Brandon lopez (Kawésqar People, presented by the conventional Margarita Vargas), Claudia gonzalez (Pueblo Yagán, presented by the conventional Lidia González), Christopher Carmona (It does not belong to an original town, presented by Loncón), Benjamin Ilabaca (Rapa Nui People, presented by the Municipality of Easter Island) and Claudia Fernández Paoa (Rapa Nui People, presented by the Municipality).


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