Mario Draghi’s Government of National Unity sworn in | Abroad

Mario Draghi and his government of national unity were sworn in by President Sergio Mattarella around noon. In the coming week, the new Italian cabinet still awaits confidence votes in both chambers of parliament.

Draghi has asked a variety of administrators to lead Italy out of the crisis. The country has been hit hard by the corona pandemic and is suffering from an economic recession. The cabinet consists of fifteen politicians – from left to right – and eight non-politicians.

Daniele Franco, CEO of Italy’s central bank, becomes Finance Minister. Top scientist Roberto Cingolani of the aerospace and electronics company Leonardo will lead the new Ministry of Ecological Restructuring. Ministers from the previous cabinet will also remain in office, such as Luigi Di Maio (Foreign Affairs) and Roberto Speranza (Health).

For his job, Draghi, who himself is not affiliated with any political movement, gets the support of virtually the entire political spectrum. The largest Italian party, the Five Star Movement (M5S), also supports the approach of the 73-year-old economist, after promising a lot of attention for greening. Criticism can also be heard in Italian media. For example, only eight of the 23 ministers are women.

Mattarella appealed to Draghi at the beginning of this month when, after the fall of the previous government, it became clear that a new cabinet under Giuseppe Conte was out of the question. The new prime minister is nicknamed Super Mario, referring to the computer game, because as ECB CEO he would have saved the euro.

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