Mario Durán, former Minister of the Interior, is the new mayor of San Salvador

He becomes mayor-elect after defeating the current mayor, Ernesto Muyshondt, who accepted defeat.

Mario Edgardo Durán Gavidia, one of President Nayib Bukele’s trusted men, is the new elected mayor of San Salvador. He was a councilor when Bukele was head of the capital city from 2015 to 2018, and
the same president appointed him as Minister of the Interior in 2019.

Graduated from legal sciences in his professional training, Durán resigned from his position as minister in November 2020, with the aim of winning the capital’s edilicia chair, which he finally achieved on February 28. With 88.14% of the minutes processed until yesterday afternoon, Durán had 60,273 votes with the New Ideas-Gana coalition, for the 55,670 of the sandbox Ernesto Muyshondt.

During his electoral campaign, Durán promised to carry out one work per day, and to resume the revitalization of the Historic Center, which he began under the Bukele administration.

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Among other projects, he said that he will renovate the La Tiendona market, build a shelter for homeless people and build the first university for the elderly, with the support of the Government. He also announced that they will build a child care center and the first municipal veterinary hospital.

Durán’s election comes amid accusations of alleged acts of corruption while he accompanied Bukele in his mandate as head of the capital commune in the 2015-2018 period. The political opposition has also indicated that the government has used public resources to make electoral campaign in favor of its allied parties New Ideas and Great Alliance for National Unity (GANA).

Muyshondt accepts defeat and promises transition in order

For its part, Muyshondt at a press conference given this Monday afternoon, he thanked those who supported him during his tenure as mayor of San Salvador, which will end on the last day of April.

“Over the last few months this has been the most flawed process in the electoral and democratic history of our country. We are not facing an opponent, but a State campaign, with indiscriminate, gross use of State resources, institutions and not only to promote official candidates, but to persecute, harass, harm those they consider to be their adversaries. politicians, ”Muyshondt said.

He described the electoral process as a constant violation of the laws “that had never been seen.” However, he said he respected the voters’ decision.

“We respect the decision of the people and we are going to do everything on our part to make a transparent and orderly transition from the mayor’s office of San Salvador for the people who will come to govern it,” he said. “We will always continue fighting for our homeland, our democracy, our people, especially for the most vulnerable people, for our city and all Salvadorans,” he added.

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In his farewell speech he also took a moment to refer to the actions of the Executive: “Today there are no excuses for the Government, today it will no longer have a Legislative Assembly to blame for its failures. Now he will no longer have opposing mayoralties who to block, who to attack or not to pay the Fodes. The time has come for you to demonstrate and highlight and not blame or seek guilty ”, he said.


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