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Updated 11/18/2020 at 9:28 PM

The conductor Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ he spread a video on his Instagram account starring Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau, where it was observed that the two models kiss in a very passionate way.

According to the presenter of the program ‘Amor y fuego’, the images were captured by the “rodriguistas” (their fans) in a restaurant in Costa Verde, where both artists were very affectionate.

Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau claimed to be just friends, up to here we believed him”, Rodrigo González indicated as a description of one of his videos.

Vania Bludau and Mario Irivarren are supported by kissing (Video: Instagram / Rodrigo González)

“They thought the car was empty, but not my love, inside there was one of ours (a rodriguista)”, added the popular ‘Peluchín’ in another Instagram story.

In a first video, it was possible to see how Mario and Vania shared a lunch in a restaurant on the Costa Verde, both hugging and sharing caresses.

In the second clip it is seen that Irivarren and Bludau leave the establishment to kiss passionately.

The models and influencer have known each other since they shared roles on the ATV reality show “Combate”. Both have been related in a sentimental way because of the closeness they showed when Vania left Miami to visit Peru, but they denied being in love.


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