Marion Cotillard is censored on Instagram, Guillaume Canet reacts!

On September 30, Marion Cotillard celebrated her 45th birthday. The opportunity for the actress to publish a childhood memory on her Instagram account.

It was a photo of her small, shirtless. For Instagram, this last detail justified deleting the photo from its platform. The actress then reacted and showed her displeasure: “5 days after posting a photo of me as a child to thank people for wishing me my birthday … this happened … We are living in a great time. Hasta la vista @instagram“, she concludes annoyed.

After the actress’ first complaint, it was her husband’s turn to rebel: “No but are you serious @instagram? Did you see the photo you are censoring? We walk on the head ! We barely see his shoulders … what’s the next step? We are talking about the many accounts with hairy chicks who show their ass …“, he published Wednesday evening, on his insta.

In the rest of his message we can also read: “Is it because these are sponsored accounts that pay you, that you shut your mouths? Basically she has to give you how much @marioncotillard to post a photo of her as a child for a birthday without you qualifying it as childish nudity …

He then bid by referring to the accounts of some Instagrammers who do not hesitate to highlight their advantageous physique: “Do you have to put photos in a jacket in fact? So you will have to give some panties to your winners! Hello! #youavefachemanman #next next #mondedefous. “, he concluded on his Instagram post.

It is then probable that Guillaume Canet makes the same gesture as his wife, who had left a “hasta la vista @instagram” on her first post.

To be continued …

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