Marjorie de Sousa attacks Alicia Machado: “When the lives of others are an example I will take it into account”

After the recent statements in which Alicia Machado criticized Marjorie de Sousa; for not allowing Julián Gil to see his son even when the actor fulfills his responsibility and gives 20 percent of his income as maintenance; the Venezuelan model who participates in the novel “La Desalmada”, was questioned by what Alicia Machado said against her.

It should be remembered that the criticisms of the ex-beauty queen were given inside the reality show “La Casa de Los Famosos” where Machado assured that he knows Julian and strongly criticized the position of the actress.

“You don’t take away your child’s right to have that person. That cannot happen, it is a child’s right, neither yours nor his ”, commented Alicia Machado, generating the anger of her compatriot.

Marjorie de Sousa does not remain silent

Given this statement and interview for Televisa Espectáculos, de sousa He avoided getting into controversy and responded to the Machado pointing out that anyone cannot have an opinion on the lives of others because it is not known what goes on in the head of every human being, so he limited himself to wish the best to all people that tries to discredit her in some way.

However, the actress added: “no one knows the shoes that I had to put on and everything I had to do to get ahead, and I bless her, when the lives of others are an example for me, I will take it into account and pay attention and when they are things that do not matter to me, well… come on, I will retire ”.

Finally, Marjorie downplayed Machado’s comments against her and pointed out: “if you get hooked, then you lose, and we are in a process of learning and moving forward, then if you get hooked you go back, and I’m not there for that, too much. I have lived to be bitter about nonsense ”.

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