Mark Gurman in turn confirms the return of MagSafe in the 2021 MacBook Pro

After Ming-Chi Kuo, it is Mark Gurman’s turn to take a look at the 2021 range of portable Macs. The journalist of Bloomberg is well known for the reliability of his rumors and he too is considering the return of the MagSafe in future models. However, his information is different in detail from that of the analyst we were talking about this morning:

The two rumors agree on the return of the MagSafe, this magnetic charging connector created by Apple in 2006 and which was buried four years ago with the generalization of USB-C. Mark Gurman indicates that the format would be similar to the MagSafe which existed until 2016, but also that the USB-C ports would still be present. One should thus be able to choose one or the other charging method as required.

The MagSafe added safety to limit the fall, but it also simplified the charge, since it was enough to position the connector approximately to initiate the charge.

The advantages of using an industry standard connector would remain, and one could also charge the Mac from both sides. The MagSafe would however also be available, with all the advantages of the magnetic connector, including simplified positioning and safety for feet that get caught in cables. Another bonus, underlines the journalist of Bloomberg, a charge that could be faster, since it would no longer be limited by USB-C.

For the rest, Mark Gurman also evokes a range of MacBook Pro with a 14 and a 16-inch model. Both would run on an Apple Silicon chip, with a more powerful CPU and GPU than the current Apple M1. On the other hand, the design would be very close to the current models according to him.

While Ming-Chi Kuo evoked an angular design like iPhone 12 and especially the removal of the Touch Bar, the journalist from Bloomberg mentions only minor changes, especially for the MagSafe. Incidentally, the analyst evoked a greater diversity of ports, an idea that has disappeared in this new rumor.

What about the Touch Bar? This new rumor is much more measured: Apple would have tested versions without the OLED bar above the keyboard, but that’s all we know. Will it be removed completely as Ming-Chi Kuo claims? The journalist does not say so in his article, but he says it on Twitter, perhaps inspired by his colleague. Maybe it will be a make-to-order option, which would be the best fit for everyone.

The Touch Bar with the Touch ID sensor on the right (image MacGeneration).

Finally, Mark Gurman understands that the screens would be improved on this generation. No increase in pixel density to be expected, but brighter and more contrasted panels. Even if it doesn’t mention technology, oddly, it does bring to mind the mini-LEDs the rumor is about for 2021:

Along with the new MacBook Pros, the article reports that a MacBook Air with a new design is reportedly in the works. We should not wait for it right away that said, Bloomberg indicates that its release is not expected in the wake of the new Macs, without further clarification.


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