Mark Pitbull Chaduay, Father Thep Pho-Ngam, should shut up, sparrow, do something bad, get some water and see for yourself.

On the 28th of July last Mark Pitbull or Mark Natchaphon Supatana, chairman of the Pitbull Friendship Club and a former deputy leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party has come out to record a clip mentioningPapa Thep Pho-ngam On the DUDUN page it says…”Father Thep Better to shut up. You should pour water into the skull. Leaning towards the shadow, “Pa Thep is famous for selling nonsense. I don’t mind if I’m angry. Because I’m a person who likes Pa from the time when entering a new industry.


You are just nonsense make people laugh everyday But some things, Father Thep doesn’t know, Father Thep should shut up. past Father Thep has to eat and use. because of the people So don’t insult people. Being a star will scold people. People criticize anyway. because of your career Without the people, you wouldn’t be eating. Let’s do this. Father Thep. Any business will be ruined. Being famous Being famous doesn’t mean that you will be successful in everything. It’s like a god.

Mark Pitbull Charuet, Father Thep

Prank selling nonsense until rich. Business is ruined, see? Because some matters are for professionals. Not an amateur, so don’t mess with old age and save your life. Are there any shows nowadays or not? Recently, the business of selling spring rolls is ruined or not. Some stories are not obtrusive. The best if there is a problem, you can curse. I guarantee you won’t sue back. Because I think it’s ok, fair game, so don’t insult the people! Don’t lick too much, now the dead are swarming with me. I’m waiting. If you are not satisfied with me Let’s get it for a long clip. I will garden for you. If Daddy is lonely, I will do it for you. Maybe Grandpa doesn’t have knowledge. Low knowledge but okay with the talent of being an artist. prank There is a joke to get any jokes quickly, but the matter of management It’s a different story. Father Thep can’t teach anyone. It’s good to make jokes to make people laugh. Don’t stress people.

Mark Pitbull Charuet, Father Thep

Mark Pitbull Charuet, Father Thep

Mark Pitbull Charuet, Father Thep

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