Mark Rutte already has a hairdressing appointment | Entertainment

The hairdresser clearly feels taken by surprise by the question from Frank Dane whether Mark Rutte already has an appointment. He responds with a laugh: “No, um, he will come next Saturday.” To be sure, Dane checks: “So there is an appointment ?.” “Yes, next Saturday,” confirms Rimmelzwaan.

He does not want to answer the question from sidekick Hannelore Zwitserlood when Rutte made the appointment. However, the RVD announced that the haircut has been in the books for months. “The appointments at the hairdresser are planned a whole year in advance, but he only goes again when he is allowed.”

Whether the prime minister will actually sit in the barber’s chair next Saturday, the spokesman did not want to anticipate. Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge will give another press conference on Tuesday evening, in which it will be announced whether the corona measures will be relaxed after March 2. The hairdressers may be allowed to get back to work next week.

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