Mark Rutte in love, right? ‘Celebrated Christmas as a couple’

After seeing the video, one question burns on our lips: with whom did Rutte celebrate Christmas? Ebru Umar puts him to the test. “When were you last in Putten?” she asks when Mark says that he likes to go on holiday there. “Last Christmas”, the answer is. Ebru wants to know more about that.

“In a house with the two of us. All according to the corona rules,” adds Mark. Ebru: And who was the second? The outgoing prime minister does not want to say anything about that. “That’s secret. Nothing exciting, nothing exciting.”

Rutte announced in December 2020 during Linda’s Wintermaand that he is open to love, but that women really do not have to send letters to him. “Things run the way they do. I have very nice friends and who knows, at some point I will be sitting hand in hand on the sofa. That is possible once and when that happens we will see it again. I also take life a little bit. as it comes. (…) I am a free boy from The Hague and I just want to be able to do my own thing. “

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