Mark Zuckerberg calls for reform of digital taxation by the OECD

More than 500 world leaders in defense, politics, intelligence and the economy are expected to visit Munich from February 14-16 for the 56th Security Conference. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will speak to them on Saturday in a highly anticipated speech.

According to the media Politico, which has had access to certain extracts, the billionaire should vote in favor of the recent work of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In late January, 137 countries agreed to a new plan to tax multinationals, and in particular digital giants. This reform, which could bring in $ 100 billion a year, plans in particular to redistribute the rights to collect corporate tax, not only according to the physical presence of a company in a country, but the activity she performs there.

Facebook CEO to meet three European Commissioners

We want the OECD process to be successful so that we have a stable and reliable system for the future. And we accept that it could lead us to pay more taxes and pay them in different countries“, Must state during his speech Mark Zuckerberg, who”understands frustration over how tech companies are taxed in Europe“.

The CEO of Facebook will also take advantage of his trip to Europe to meet three European commissioners on February 17: Thierry Breton, head of the internal market, Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition and Vera Jourova, who manages justice. Strategic choices for the leader, since the first must unveil on February 19 the main lines of the European strategy in artificial intelligence, that the second is currently seeking to update the rules of competition, and that the third recently expressed their wish to step up the fight against online hate.

Huawei at the heart of the conference debates?

Considered as a sort of Davos of security, the Munich Security Conference will also include among its guests President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and many foreign ministers, such as the Russian Serguei Lavrov, the Chinese Wang Yi, or their American equivalent, Mike Pompeo. In front of such a panel, the debate on the implication of Huawei in the world deployment of 5G should prove as inevitable as animated. Robert Blair, White House special representative for international telecommunications policy, has already announced that Washington is considering “partnershipWith rivals from the Chinese equipment supplier.

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