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If, at one point, Apple and Facebook had the perfect love, this is definitely no longer the case today. Mark Zuckerberg a emptied his bag today during a video conference with 50,000 employees of the social network, deploring the ” single stranglehold ” of ” guardian »Apple on the contents of the iPhone.

L’App Store « blocks innovation, blocks competition “And allows Apple to benefit from a” monopoly rent “. The founder and boss of Facebook, however, believes that innovation blocked at the doors of his store ” could actually improve people’s lives “, But Apple” balks there ».

Facebook has been in Apple’s sights for several weeks. There was first this Facebook Gaming application which, tired of war, launched on iOS without much of its content (no mini-games); Apple also forbidden to facebook display the amount of “Apple tax” in their store; finally, the strengthening of the advertising monitoring framework in iOS 14 will cause a shortfall for the social network (a little) and the partner agencies (a lot).

Facebook will, however, have a hard time making people cry in the cottages, its credit being exhausted for a long time. However, in this time when large digital companies are risking big with regulators, it may not be very good to make enemies.


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