Mark Zuckerberg storming our data

At the beginning of January, the messaging application announced a change to its terms of use (notably concerning its relationship with Facebook) which caused great concern. Italian daily Tomorrow launches an attack on Mark Zuckerberg by denouncing his greed.

After Mark Zuckerberg decides to shut down the Facebook account of a user who has the codes to activate US nuclear weapons, he will try to force us to give him everything we have on our smartphones. Without the shadow of a scruple. While, on the world stage, the boss of Facebook is working to restore his image as a champion of democracy and justice by silencing Donald Trump, he is attempting an unprecedented blow to appropriate our data.

Have you seen that the instant messaging service WhatsApp, which has 2 billion users around the world, asks to accept new terms of use, otherwise we will no longer be able to use the application? In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion, but never explained what the purpose of the transaction was.

At the time, Zuckerberg promised antitrust authorities that he would not communicate WhatsApp (a service for sending encrypted messages between users) and Facebook (a platform for collecting data and selling targeted advertisements). But Facebook ended up behaving like a classic monopoly company: Once the platform gained enough market power, it began to use it to squeeze customers like lemons.

Facebook is apparently a free service. It is for this reason that, unlike traditional monopoly companies, Facebook does not increase its prices, but lowers the quality of its services by extorting from its users their most precious asset: their data.


Stefano Feltri

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Founded by Carlo De Benedetti, former owner of the group The Republic, the daily Tomorrow is the latest in the galaxy of Italian center-left newspapers. Available on newsstands since September 2020, this daily


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