¡Marketing digital no son memes!

Por: Hugo Morales Lozano

Memes are an excellent visual mechanism to get people’s attention on social networks, hundreds of these are shared every day to cause humor, presenting situations that have coincided (or could) in your life and / or on topics that are of your interest. Politics, sports and phrases from movies / series are very recurrent in these images, the impact has been so important that more and more brands choose to follow this trend to promote themselves on the internet, that decision is valid, however, it is necessary clarify the following: “Digital Marketing are not memes.”

Nowadays, the best way to keep in touch or look for your clients is through social networks, your publications must be oriented to what you want to achieve with them, most of that is related to sales, but it is the image that you express for that you receive recognition in your target audience, let them know that you exist and that they can count on you … How many times have you gone with someone and / or visited a place because you saw it on the internet? That is digital marketing, and memes can help you break the ice, but the excess of these can lead to informality, a less attractive image or the confusion of your customers, it will not be known if what you do is sell or make fun of the people (be careful with that).

In general, users do not enter networks like Facebook or Instagram to buy, they are there to be distracted, to be in communication with their loved ones and to share information that is interesting or fun for them, that is where memes and the “why” come in People spend a lot of time on these platforms, these being two great opportunities for businesses that want to advertise, if you are a cafeteria you can attract attention with images of your promotions or with a meme explaining “why your promos are great”, it is here where you can achieve balance.

That said, memes can fit into your communication strategy on the internet, but they cannot be considered a synonym of digital marketing, in fact it is a tool derived from the same called “meme marketing”, whose function is to entertain your followers by relating your brand with everyday situations, as a fun way to boost sales, you are not literally saying “buy me”, but you are inviting them to live the experience through an image that has been viralized.

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