Marketing director Phil Schiller leaves the Apple board

Phil Schiller

With Schiller’s departure on installments, an era at Apple is slowly ending.

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San Francisco In 2009 Apple’s Macworld conference started differently than the fans of the product fair were used to. Instead of the ascetic Steve Jobs, a broader man in jeans and a blue button-down shirt stepped onto the stage and gave the keynote.

Jobs, whose pancreatic cancer had broken out again, needed a replacement to give the most famous keynote in the technology industry. And sent his marketing director Phil Schiller.

Almost nine years after Jobs’ death, Schiller is slowly withdrawing from the job. He will take on a role as an “Apple Fellow”, the company announced on Tuesday and will continue to perform at events and be responsible for the App Store. The store was recently in controversy because developers for Apple’s iOS operating system questioned the tech company’s power over their apps.

“In this new role, he will continue the thought partnership and leadership that his decades have contributed Apple have defined, ”said Apple CEO Tim Cook in the official statement. It’s time for some planned changes in my life, ”Schiller is quoted as saying. He wanted more time for friends, his family and projects “that are extremely important to me”.

The 60-year-old Schiller hands over the position of senior vice president for global marketing to Greg Joswiak, who has been responsible for product marketing so far. Joswiak has been working for Apple himself for 20 years and was already responsible for the marketing of the first iPod and iPhone.

Although no break in the marketing that is so important for Apple is to be expected, an era at Apple is slowly ending with Schiller’s departure in installments. In 2019, design manager Jony Ive was already a close confidant of Steve Jobs, with Schiller another one is now going.

Schiller, a native of the US East Coast, joined Apple in 1987 and followed Jobs a few years after he was kicked out of the company as Apple’s new computer manufacturer Next. In 1997 he returned to Apple with jobs and has since been responsible for successful marketing and product innovations such as the clickable shuffle wheel on the iPod.

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