Marks & Spencer announces the closure of eleven of its French stores

The British chain announced this Thursday, September 16, in a press release, the closure of half of its stores in France. According to the company, Brexit makes the procurement of products too complex.

At the time of bringing this bad news, Paul Friston, head of Marks & Spencer internationally, made a point of addressing a few sweet words to the brand’s French fans. “Marks & Spencer has a long history of customer service in France, and it is not a decision that we or our partner SFH have taken lightly. However, as it stands, the complexity of the supply chain following the UK’s exit from the European Union makes it almost impossible for us to serve fresh and chilled products that meet the standards our customers expect. ‘wait. So we decided with SFH to close our 11 franchise stores. ”

Thus, as the effectively summarizes the site of the BBC, “Marks & Spencer blames Brexit ” to be responsible for his (partial) departure from France.

In France, the British brand mainly sold food products in the main shopping streets of Paris, underlines the site of the media based in London:

Due to the delays caused by the administrative formalities at the border between the UK and France, it had become complicated to get products to stores. ”

Yet diehard Marks fans & Spencer in France can take comfort. Despite this announcement, the brand does not completely leave France, since “Nine stores of M & S will remain open ”.

These are the shops managed by the other French partner of Marks & Spencer, Lagardère Travel Retail, and which are located in train stations, airports or metro stations… less glamorous places, of course, but the taste of the products remains the same.


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