Markus Horison’s Life After Divorce from Kiki Amalia, Grieves the Loss of His Child


After being outspoken about his life to Nikita Mirzani, Kiki Amalia now in the spotlight of netizens, Mother. It is known that Kiki Amalia is the ex-wife of footballer Markus Horison.

The two married in 2010. However, Kiki Amalia sued Markus for divorce in 2012. Then the two officially divorced in June 2013.

After 8 years of separation, Kiki Amalia admits that she still feels at home. In contrast to the life of Markus Horison who has now remarried.

This is known from the upload of the former National Team goalkeeper on his personal Instagram. Through his social media, Markus uploaded his photo with his wife, whose name is known Bylqis Juwita Ningsih.

Both were married on September 9, 2017, Bunda. This is known from one of Mark’s posts in 2019, when he congratulated their wedding anniversary.

“Happy 2 years on our wedding day, umi. Hopefully sakinah mawadah u umi Aamiin. # 09092017-09092019,” wrote Mark, reported by Instagram, (17/9/2020).

horizon markoes / Photo: Instagram

The relationship between Mark and his wife seemed so harmonious. Markus often said sweet words to his beautiful, hijab-wearing wife.

HBD umi barakallah fii umrik, wrote Mark, accompanied by a hug and a heart emoticon, when his wife’s birthday a few months ago.

Furthermore, Mark also preached sad news. At the end of last year, Markus had to let go of his son, who died after being born by his wife.

The tiny baby, named Maisara Alesha Rihihina, died on December 20, 2019. It’s just that Mark did not tell further about the cause of the death of the princess.

“MAISARA ALESHA RIHIHINA … God willing, heaven y son, wait for Umi and father, God willing, in heaven later. Amami 20122019,” wrote Mark at the time.

Markus’ upload was also flooded with condolences from citizens as well as friends.

“innalillahi wainaillaihi rojiun, God willing, the inhabitants of heaven, I hope you and your family are always given courage and patience,” write citizen.

“Be patient, Bang, God willing, heaven for your brother,” another warganet said.

We wish Kiki Amalia and all the best Markus Horizon ya, in this.

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