Marlène Schiappa deplores a “Griveaux bashing” and tackles the record of Anne Hidalgo

Unlike the other candidates, “nothing happened to him”. “Really nothing”. In the municipal campaign in Paris, Benjamin Griveaux would be the target of a “bashing” and a “relentlessness”, considers Marlène Schiappa. The candidate LaREM in the 14th arrondissement hammered him on the set of BFM Paris.

A treatment, combined with the desire of some to reconnect with “the left-right divide”, which would explain, according to her, the third place of the head of the list of the presidential party in the polls, behind Anne Hidalgo and Rachida Dati. Marlène Schiappa wanted to restore her coat of arms.

“He may seem arrogant at first”

The secretary of state notably validated the “cracking” of Benjamin Griveaux, in the words of his campaign director, who tried to present his foal in a “cool” light. A photo shoot which however had not been to everyone’s taste within the party. “He is someone who may seem arrogant at first,” agrees Marlène Schiappa. Before adding: “He’s someone who also has a lot of self-mockery”.

In addition to the image of Benjamin Griveaux, Marlène Schiappa defended her project for Paris. The Secretary of State for Equality for Women and Men said she was “very convinced by the ‘Parisian Central Park'” – which will not “destroy the Gare de l’Est”, she insists – imagined by the candidate LaREM. A proposal that had earned him a torrent of mockery.

Marlène Schiappa also joined her friend on her desire to pay off Paris’ debt, like Rachida Dati (LR). It is “very attached to the question of public finances” and has “a quantified plan” not providing for an increase in taxes.

A tackle against Anne Hidalgo’s record

In the background of her intervention on set, Marlène Schiappa has multiplied the tackles against the record of the outgoing mayor, Anne Hidalgo. On the issue of poor housing, first of all, believing that the Paris town hall “did not respond to calls for help”. Also on the question of cleanliness. The waste crisis? “We are waiting for this to happen,” regrets the native of the 13th arrondissement. And to continue: “In health terms, this is very worrying”.

“If there was a real will on the part of the town hall, Paris could be clean. What Benjamin Griveaux is proposing is a major clean-up operation within 100 days of his election.”

Asked about street harassment, a major theme of her action in government, Marlène Schiappa criticizes the lack of action by elected officials. And advocates the creation of “a municipal police worthy of the name, who are trained to spot gender-based and sexual violence and who can verbalize “.

“Montparnasse is my favorite neighborhood”

The government and her post of secretary of state, Marlène Schiappa do not intend to leave them for the moment, even if the list of which she is a member triumphed in the 14th arrondissement. This district of the capital, she says she is attached to it:

“Montparnasse is my favorite neighborhood (…). I was a candidate in the municipal elections in the 14th arrondissement of Paris when I was 18, rewinds the person concerned. It was my first political commitment on a associative list. “

However, in the event of an election, she assures him: “I will be present. I will sit there with Éric Azière’s team.”

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