Economy Maroto asks "companies" to calm down after criticism of...

Maroto asks “companies” to calm down after criticism of their “unnecessary” damage to the Industry


The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, has sent a message of “tranquility” to large companies after representatives of the sector reproached the central government for “unnecessary” damages such as those which in their view caused their messages on diesel restrictions . In this regard, the socialist leader said this afternoon in Vitoria that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez will promote an “inclusive” ecological transition to ensure competitiveness.

With the intervention of Maroto, the day on Industry organized by UGT in the capital of Alava has culminated, attended by representatives of large companies such as the Repsol executive director, Josu Jon; the president of Sidenor, José Antonio Jainaga; and that of Gestamp, Francisco Riberas. Entrepreneurs have highlighted their concern about the challenges facing the Industry sector in the face of the risk of “politicization.” For this reason, they have demanded from the parties a State pact that prevents measures that affect this activity from being carried out.

In this sense, the intervening parties have demanded that the Sanchez Executive not “oppose” the measures for the protection of the environment and for the promotion of the ecological transition with the possibilities of “sustainable development” of the Industry. In the words of the CEO of Repsol, the reduction of CO2 emissions can be carried out in a “smart” way and without ceasing to be “firm” with its environmental commitments. For his part, Jainaga has acknowledged his distrust of the Government: “It has been three days and not much can be said; but considering the actors of the Government and their past, I have many doubts, ”he said.

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Businessmen point to former Executive movements that have caused significant damage to the Industry. One of the most remembered has been the «extraordinary and dangerous pressure» that according to Jainaga exerted the PSOE in 2019 on the automobile sector with announcements about the prohibition of cars with combustion engines. “We have felt little heard and not well treated,” he warned.

“Fair and inclusive” transition
On this matter, the minister has demanded “tranquility” from the big companies, to which she assures that the Government will promote a “just and inclusive” ecological transition. In statements to the media, Maroto stressed that Sánchez’s cabinet is “very involved with the Industry” without forgetting his intention to achieve climate neutrality in 2050, so that no more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere than Earth Be able to absorb.

Maroto has also referred to another of the demands that have been raised by companies in the sector, consisting in the adoption of measures to reduce the costs of electricity supply for companies that have a high demand for energy. In this regard, he recalled that the text of the decree on the Statute of electro-intensive consumers is already drawn up, although the Government remains waiting to receive the mandatory reports that guarantee the legal security of the document in order to approve it. The minister has reiterated that the approval of these regulations is a “priority” of the Government. .


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