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A wedding held in August in the state of Maine, USA, has presented a serious risk to public health, after it was reported that, After the event, 177 people became infected with coronavirus and seven died.

The most tragic thing about the case, experts point out, is that of all the victims, none were attendees at the event.

The marriage took place on August 7, in a rural area of ​​that state known as Millinocket. Since then, dozens of new cases of COVID-19 began to be registered at the site.

Unfortunately, at that time the authorities could not get the full list of attendees, so it is estimated that some people affected by the disease could not be contacted.

As detailed CNN, the bride and groom arrived from California the day before the event. Later, they and their relatives underwent PCR tests, which yielded negative results.

Place where the wedding took place

However, one day after the marriage one of the guests began to show symptoms of the disease. Shortly after, it was confirmed that he was infected with coronavirus, having attended the meeting in that state.

Days later the number of positive infections began to rise. The latest report, delivered by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control in that country, confirmed that in total there were 177.

Although no details of that group were provided, the institution maintained that it was people who were at the wedding, close contacts and others who were close to this last group.

However, the most affected place was a center for the elderly called Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility, after an employee fell ill from having contact with a party goer and went to work, despite presenting symptoms.

Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility

It is estimated that no less than 20 people, including the elderly and civil servants, were infected with the disease, although the saddest thing was that seven residents lost their lives due to complications from the virus.

Without going any further, the aforementioned media details, the family of one of those affected, Mary Hughgill, filed a lawsuit against the residence and the event center where the marriage took place.

“When people fail to follow procedures and protocols, we must find out why it happened and hold them accountable,” said attorney Timothy Kenlan.

At the same time, at least 10 cases inside the York County jail, after one of the officials attended the event.

There was also five people infected at Calvary Baptist Church, because that pastor was in charge of the ceremony.


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