Married and Arrimadas try to save the electoral pact of the PP and Citizens

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The conversations between the Popular Party and Citizens to try to seal an electoral pact that covers, to different degrees, Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia, move forward with the utmost discretion. The environmental “noise” is typical of this type of negotiations, as indicated in the PP, which moves between optimism and prudence. For now, Galicia remains the main obstacle to achieving a general agreement. The PP does not accept in any way a coalition, which is the requirement of Citizens, but it does offer other forms of collaboration. In this situation, similar to the blockade, Pablo Casado and Inés Arrimadas are holding talks to save and boost the pact and get it to fruition before Thursday of next week, according to sources familiar with the negotiation.

The contacts of Casado and Arrimadas run in parallel to the negotiations of number two of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, and the right hand of Arrimadas in Congress, José María Espejo. García Egea confirmed to ABC his optimism about the progress of the talks, and called for the key and “discreet” meeting, which will be held by both parties at the beginning of next week.

At the same time, the president of the Xunta de Galicia and candidate of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, marked yesterday again the limits to Citizens. Feijóo is able to revalidate his absolute majority, but no one is wrong to add other votes, even a small percentage. The popular baron stressed that the doors of his party “are open” to voters and leaders of Citizens, and was willing “to talk to all people and organizations” who want to communicate with him.

In the Basque Country, the territorial baron of the PP, Alfonso Alonso, is one of the great defenders of the electoral coalition with Citizens. As noted yesterday on TVE, the existing “problems” can be solved and completely ruled out that Rosa Díez will be on the lists: “The PP has enough people.”

In full negotiations to close two electoral coalitions, Cs is setting its own profile this week. It is a strategy that the manager already foresaw in this XIV Legislature, but that these days has a double objective: to resit the party in the center after months on the hunt for the “sorpasso” on the right and claim their own space against a PP that yearns for the reunification of the center-right.

In the debate on the law of euthanasia, Sara Giménez (Cs) already charged hard against José Ignacio Echániz (PP) and placed his party in the left-wing block. Yesterday repeated strategy Edmundo Bal, deputy spokesman of Cs in Congress, who sowed the doubt about Monday’s meeting between Sánchez and Casado, whom he accused of meeting only to distribute the appointment of the judges of the General Council of the Judiciary. Bal also criticized the PP for the complaint against Torra, after the Prosecutor’s Office recommended not admitting it to proceedings.

Yesterday in «esRadio», Inés Arrimadas pointed out that in his party they respect the popular voters and that they would never ask the PP to be integrated into their list in Catalonia or not present. Meanwhile, Bal was in Congress fully confident that coalitions will be closed in all three territories. «How can there be no agreement? I can not imagine. Is that what Pablo Casado’s PP wants? ”, The liberal deputy responded to journalists, increasing pressure on Genoa. .


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