Married for 59 years, they contract the Covid after an appointment at the hairdresser and die 10 days apart: “This virus is ruthless”

It had been 59 years since they had said yes. In 10 days, the disease took them both. This Chicago family says they are devastated by this terrible news.

Mike Bruno passed away on a Wednesday evening, his wife Carol having passed away just over a week earlier. Despite strictly adhering to the rules of Covid-19, several family members contracted the virus after their hairdresser daughter Michelle cut their hair at her apartment on November 20. Mother Carol was present during the hairdresser’s appointment. They all wore masks and say they respected social distances.

Despite this, everyone present contracted Covid-19 and began to show symptoms. Joe, the son who had his hair cut, told ABC7: “My sister works in a barbershop and just before Thanksgiving she took a Covid test which came back negative. She was quarantined for three or four days after getting her results. I needed a haircut for the holidays, and she said to me ‘Why don’t you come by and cut your hair so you don’t have to come to the salon’, I agreed and we went with my mom. Joe’s sister brought their mother with her to her apartment and all three practiced social distancing for the 40-45 minutes. I didn’t kiss my mother, ”he said.

“I didn’t hug my sister. She cut my hair, she was masked and all the windows were open. We were far away in the apartment, then we left, ”he recalls.

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Later, Michelle started to feel sick and three days later Joe started showing symptoms of Covid-19 as well. As well as the mother, Carol who was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. She got out but had to go back because her condition worsened. She was put on a ventilator.

Carol’s husband, Mike, also fell ill several days later. And the day he was put on a ventilator, Carol passed away. Mike died nine days later.

Heartbroken Joe said his experience may serve as a reminder of the devastation the virus can wreak on families. “We didn’t think that would happen to our family and that’s what happened, and this virus is really ruthless and attacks in a really vicious way,” he said.

Amid the grief, Joe said he was reassured to know his parents had died within ten days of each other because they “were together again.”


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