Married: «We will not be able to say that we are fine until there are zero new cases for several days»

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The Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, reiterated this Friday that Castilla y León “must maintain the social quarantine” and assured that “the data will increase in the coming days because they are conducting many tests in all provinces.” “We will not be able to say that we are fine until I say that there are zero cases for several days,” he stressed. The Community has 1,180 deaths from Covid-19, 51 more than the previous day. The number of people infected by coronavirus has also increased by 584, increasing the total number to 11,102 affected.

On the positive side, that “we have higher than income again” with a difference of 108 patients. Along these lines, a total of 3,757 people who had been hospitalized have already recovered from the disease, 251 in the last 24 hours. The number of possible global infected, according to the Medora program, amounts to 39,528 people, with decreasing increases in recent days.

Castilla y León continues to increase the number of tests to detect the coronavirus in its population. “The tests carried out are 36,095, 2,346 more than yesterday,” said the Minister of Health. A measure that will be reflected in the “increase in confirmed cases in the coming days”. Still, the Board “requests an increase in the number of tests.” The number of affected toilets, which amounts to 1,876 positive and isolated, has been reduced in the Community after the return to work of 400 professionals.

Nursing homes
Of the 1,853 deaths recorded in nursing homes in Castilla y León, 598 people have died positive for coronavirus, 53 more than the previous day. And 877 have died with symptoms compatible with Covid-19, 60 more than yesterday. At this time, 8,016 people are isolated in their senior centers to prevent the spread of the virus through the facilities. .


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