Mars is the main target of several countries’ space missions

Jakarta – Mars is the main target of the 2021 space mission. Three spacecraft will simultaneously examine the red planet Earth’s neighbor for traces of life. Another mission is the launch of a new space telescope. Agus Setiawan wrote it for

United States Launches Robot Perseverance (Photo:

United States Launches Robot Perseverance. The US space agency NASA sent the spacecraft research Scientific Perseverance which will land February 18, 2021 in the delta of the ancient river Jezero Crater. This area is thought to store the potential for micro-organisms in a thin, muddy layer at the bottom of the crater. For the first time, the US has also sent a small helicopter to support the Perseverance scientific research mission.

antariksa2China Ready to Land Tianwen-1 (Photo:

China Ready to Land Tianwen-1. China sent a Mars surface rover orbiter and research vehicle named Tianwen-1 which means “question for heaven” in Chinese. Robot will land in May 2021 and explore the surface of Mars for three months to analyze the soil and atmosphere of Mars. In addition, it will create photos, maps, and investigate the possibility of life in the past on the red planet.

antariksa3AMAL Forum in United Arab Emirates (Photo:

AMAL rides in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE orbiter vehicle named Amal, which means hope in Arabic, was launched from Japan. This is the first interplanetary mission of the Arab world. Controlled from Dubai, the space weather station will orbit as high as 22,000 to 44,000 kilometers above Mars. Its mission is to research the upper atmosphere and climate change on the red planet starting in mid-2021.

antariksa4James Webb Space Telescope (Photo:

James Webb Space Telescope. NASA will launch the James Webb space telescope sometime in October 2021, after having been delayed many times. This is the largest and most expensive science project in history. Scientists hope to solve the mysteries of the solar system, see star trails in the depths of the universe after the big bang and unravel the secrets of the structure and origin of the universe.

antariksa5Indonesia Joins in Seeking ET (Photo:

Indonesia Joins in Seeking ET. Is there other life beyond Earth? For the first time, Indonesia has participated in research to look for exoplanets, aka Earth-like planets in the depths of the universe, with the Timau Mountain National Observatory in Kupang, which will be completed in 2021. LAPAN claims, this is the largest observatory in Southeast Asia. Data from NASA says that so far 3000 Earth-like planets have been found.

antariksa6Artemis-1 Program Investigates the Origin of the Moon (Photo:

Artemis-1 Program Examines the Origin of the Moon. NASA’s Artemis-1 program will launch the Space-X company Orion rocket and capsule in November 2021, this time unmanned. Starting in 2023, as many as 18 astronauts will take turns going back and forth to the moon, as a test preparation for lunar landing in 2024. Mission targets: understanding the character and origin of the moon, and researching possible water reserves at the moon’s south pole en. []

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