Marseille – St-Etienne live – Ligue 1 – Season 2021/2022

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Dimitri Payet tries his luck

On one of Mandanda’s last clearances, Payet is found in the depth and tries to recover in the race. It is largely near.

There will be three more minutes

Pope Gueye warned

Author of a badly controlled tackle on Mason, the young midfielder of OM is warned. The cardboard looks harsh.

Henrique completely misses his gesture! (84th)

On a new offering from Payet in the depth, Henrique negotiated badly his 3 against 2 by opening his foot too much on the right while Under and Guensouzi seemed better placed to ensure the fifth goal.

Etienne Green deprives Payet of his goal!

After having touched Gerson countered by the defense of ASSE, Payet recovers the ball in a closed angle on the right. His pivot strike is deflected by Green who is quickly lying on the ground.

Under too greedy (80th)

On a three against three, the Turk locks himself up against Moukoudi and is dispossessed of the ball while Payet was free behind.

Hamouma misses his head!

Saint Etienne misses an excellent opportunity to pick up again with this center of Nordin who finds the head of Hamouma who takes it too far back three meters from the Marseille cage.

What a cross-section of Payet! (78th)

Even if Henrique delays at the reception, Payet confirms his great form of the evening with an extremely complex transverse in the race of his attacker.

Marseille change

Valentin Rongier is replaced by Pape Gueye.

Changes for ASSE

Khazri is replaced by Krasso.
Bouanga is replaced by Saban.

Henrique misses the fourth!

On the next action, Under is found by Payet on a heel. The Turk goes up his right side and center for Luis Henrique at the far post who completely misses his recovery a few meters from Green’s goal.

And Under makes the break for Marseille! (68th, 3-1)

What a gem of the Turkish winger! Starting from his right side, Under takes advantage of the call in his back from Guendouzi to open a striking angle. It wraps beautifully out of Green’s reach.

Shoulder Mandanda! (65th)

On a new tumble from Bouanga on the left side, the Gabonese winger tries to strike in a closed angle and forces the Marseille captain to have an unadamatic parade to deflect for a corner.

Penalty for Saint-Etienne?

On a cross from Khazri, Alvaro fell and touched the ball with his hand. This is not considered sufficient by Mr. Millot to award a penalty.

Marseille is doing well (63rd)

On a cross from Mason, Bouanga heads back to the penalty spot. Neyou misses his recovery but it falls on Hamouma who does not strike and wants to control Luan Peres who releases as best he can.

Change for Sainté

Gourna-Douath is replaced by Hamouma.

Captain Camara warned

Guilty of a fault of frustration on Rongier, the captain of the Greens blames himself and hits the ground with rage.

Change to Marseille

De La Fuente is replaced by Luis Henrique.

Under fails to chain (56th)

On a beautiful cross from Peyet, the trick winger is at the entrance to the area but cannot resume facing the green wall which is erected in front of him.

Kamara raises the Velodrome

A great initiative from the Marseille community which arms a strike from 20 meters which seems too high but goes down quickly enough to make everyone doubt. 6 meters.

Marseille regains the advantage on a goal from Gerson! (49th, 2-1)

On his right side Under pokes his ball towards Payet. He deflected with a header for Rongier who handed in a touch for Gerson at the penalty spot which shot Green at close range.

Warning for Mason (47th)

Author of a fault on Guendouzi, the Stéphanois side is warned for getting angry with the referee.

Complicated start of half-time

Tainted by faults on both sides, the two teams are struggling to develop their respective games.

And let’s go for the second half! (45th, 1-1)

The Stéphanois kick off this final period. Everything remains to be done on one side or the other.

Change for Saint-Étienne

Nordin replaces Aouchiche.

It’s half-time at the Vélodrome! (1-1)

In line with its game plan, OM ran a lot and found the flaw through Guendouzi but could not protect themselves from a return from Saint-Etienne. Sainté is doing better since his move to 4-4-2.

Rongier se rate ! (44e)

Beautiful inspiration from Gerson who transmits blind for Rongier who, a little surprised, has trouble controlling and hits too much to the left under the return of Moukoudi.

Offside for de la Fuente

Nice climb from Luan Peres on his left side who throws the American on his side but he is signaled at the last minute in an offside position.

Guendouzi’s cannon shot! (37th)

Taken from a brilliant inspiration in the 25 meters, the ex-Gunner arms a grazing shot that goes to die on the right post of Etienne Green.

Change of formation for Sainté

To better counter the four Marseille midfielders, Saint-Etienne went to 4-4-2 with Aouchiche and Khazri in spikes. Neyou and Bouanga occupy the two lanes to prevent the back and forth of OM’s pistons.

ASSE equalization on a corner! (1-1)

On a corner beautifully taken by Aouchiche, Kolodziejczak springs to the far post between Alvaro and Rongier and places a lobed header at the far post.

Aouchiche misses his control!

On the right, Khazri crosses back for Aouchiche who completely misses his control, who spins out of goal.

Bouanga cannot control (27th)

On a cross at the end of Mason’s race, Bouanga tries a control in the air which goes directly out of goal.

And the opening of Guendouzi’s score! (1-0)

What against OM! Rongier touches Payet near the central circle. The Reunionese sent Under to the depths and his cross could not be caught by De la Fuente who could not hit but then put back on Guendouzi who deceived Etienne Green at the near post.

Mandanda on the parade! (20th)

Starting from his left side, Bouanga takes the ball on his right foot and rolls his ball perfectly to the far post which forces the Olympian captain to relax at full length.

Hello! (16th)

On a corner well struck by OM, Saliba recovers the ball in the feet at the far post. With his back to the game, he tries a complicated pivot shot that goes too far to the right of Green’s goal.

Rongier strikes next (15th)

Payet shifts Rongier with a touch at the entrance to the area but the former Nantes player misses his shot which flees the frame of Green’s goal.

Aouchiche crushes his strike too much

The Greens winger arms his shot at the entrance to the box on the right but his shot is too crushed to worry Mandanda.

De La Fuente, it’s complicated (12th)

Alone in the middle of three Stéphanois, the American winger tries a dribble and a complicated center which are recovered by the back guard of the Greens.

Under gets a free kick

While he had taken Kolodziejczack speed, the Turk is illegally stopped and gets a good free kick.

Mason loses the ball in touch (6th)

Like his team disturbed by the intensity and atmosphere of the Vélodrome, the side loses the ball all alone in touch under pressure from De La Fuente.

Rongier is above

After a ball repelled by the defeat of the Greens Rongier tries his luck, it is diverted for a corner by a Stéphanois back.

Confused action in the surface of Sainté (2nd)

Directly the Marseillais tumble down on the right side with Under who crosses for Rongier who does not manage to resume at point blank range. Etienne Green is very happy to grab the ball.

First alert on Mandanda’s goal!

On a loss of fathers ball in the axis, Bouanga grabs the ball goes into the box and forces Mandanda to perform a beautiful entry parade.

Here we go ! (1st)

The Marseillais kick off this game.

The players enter the pitch

The 22 actors are welcomed in an atmosphere of fire and certain illegal pyrotechnic objects make visibility difficult in the bays of the Vélodrome.

Lirola on the bench

Back at the beginning of the week on the side of the Marseille city, the Spanish side starts on the bench

The composition of Saint-Etienne

After snatching a draw at home last week against Lille (1-1). The Stéphanois are still looking for their first victory after 3 draws in 3 days.

The composition of Marseille

Expected to rebound after the incidents of last week at the Allianz Riviera. The Olympique presents itself with a fairly similar composition compared to the last match. Note the entry of Rongier and the return of De La Fuente in the starting 11.

Good evening

Welcome to this live commentary of the match between Marseille and Saint-Etienne on behalf of the fourth day of Ligue 1.


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