Martin, 30, died mysteriously in Austria after his wife left him and his mother …

Cena Rakhneva is devastated and has twice attempted suicide, she has no money to take her son’s body

An indescribable tragedy shook the Sungurlar village of Chubra. Martin Rakhnev, 30, died under mysterious circumstances in Austria, and his family is unable to bury him, writes “Flagman”.

Currently, the mayor of the village, Mitko Dimitrov, is organizing a charity campaign to raise funds so that the body of the young man and his mother can be collected so that he can mourn and send him away.

For this purpose, the amount of about 5 thousand euros must be collected, and Martin’s close friends and good people from the neighboring villages immediately responded to the call, who deposited amounts in the account or left them in the box located in the village hall. Chubra.

His relatives said that very recently Martin Rakhnev received the biggest blow in his life. His wife told him that she was leaving him and returned to Bulgaria with their two children because of another man. So Martin lived alone in Austria for two weeks, was desperate and literally sick.

The cause of his death has not been clarified yet, he did not have chronic diseases, it is assumed that he had a heart attack after leaving the bathroom after work.

Martin Rakhnev had a difficult fate. He was raised by his mother Tsena Rakhneva and is her only child. Currently, Cena is devastated and has even twice attempted suicide, and the locals have provided her with support – there is always a person with her so as not to do anything stupid.

She was unable to speak. He said only that he prayed for one thing – to send his son to his eternal home, to lay a flower and mourn him.

Martin’s father, with whom they had a good relationship, despite parting ways with his mother, died last year in a brutal accident in the village of Slavyantsi.

“Martin comes from a very poor family, they don’t have the means to feed themselves and their household needs, let alone face such a great tragedy. From Austria he sent money to his mother, never leaving her. Now we won’t leave her alone when he’s gone.

In the village of Chubra I was authorized and I wrote a message so that people could react and empathize with the grief of the family. We spoke with several funeral companies in Austria and Bulgaria that can be hired.

The amount for transporting Marty’s body has not yet been collected. But I want to thank everyone who helped – his friends, classmates and people from the village who are outside Bulgaria, regardless of which country they are in. All his acquaintances from nearby settlements joined.

Donations to the mayor’s office were brought by people from our village and from Padarevo, Mokren, Slavyantsi, “said the mayor of the village of Chubra Mitko Dimitrov.

The results of the autopsy by Austrian forensic doctors of Martin Rakhnev are currently awaited. He was alone in the apartment he rented in Austria.

Those wishing to help can contact the mayor of the village of Chubra Mitko Dimitrov by phone: 088 855 4713.


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