Martín Fierro de Cable Awards 2022: Samuel Chiche Gelblung won the Gold

Martín Fierro de Cable Awards 2022: Samuel Chiche Gelblung won the Gold

The delivery of the Martín Fierro de Cable 2022 Awards had its dream night. In the midst of controversies over the changes of shortlists at the last moment, Carolina Pampita Ardohain y Joaquin El Pollo Alvarez as conductors and the gala organized by APTRA, the best of Argentine paid television production in 2021 was chosen.

Samuel Chiche yellowing received the most important award of the night from Luis Ventura and his teammates Chronicle They sang songs in his honor in a very emotional moment. “I started old on television, this is too much recognition, this is the biggest award I can have. Thanks to my colleagues, to my lifelong partner, Cristina (Seoane), to my children and grandchildren, this is too much of a reward,” said the visibly moved journalist.

“Thank you Chronicle for allowing me to do this doctorate in popular journalism,” the host of Chick 2021 after obtaining during the night the statuette for the Best Male Journalistic Work. “Also to my family that bears the hardest part of this profession, when one comes home tired, angry and all that. Especially my partner Cristina”, added Gelblung.

Here are all the Cable nominees and winners:

General interest

-Having said this (Luis Novaresio – A24)

-More data (Guadalupe Vazquez/Francisco Olivera – LN+)

-Paranormal (Marco Bustamante – Chronicle HD)

-TV overdose (Elizabeth Vernaci and Juan Di Natale – C5N) WINNER

– Afternoon 26 (Héctor Rossi – Channel 26)


-Magazine morning (Carmen Barbieri – City Magazine)

-Our afternoon (Dominique Metzger – TN)

-I live on Saturday (Eduardo Battaglia – A24) WINNER

-The run run of the show (Lio Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio – Chronicle HD)

Live on Saturday was the winner in the category “Best Magazine”


-Financial Café (Alejandro Liiska – Metro)

-Economy & real state (Daniel Zampone – Metro) WINNER

-What do we do with the weights? (M. Otalora – A24)


-Conecta2 (María O’Donnell/Ernesto Tenembaum – (CNNEnSpanish) WINNER

-The correspondent (Nelson Castro – TN)

-More reality (Jonathan Viale – LN+)

-Minutouno (Gustavo Sylvestre – C5N)

-GPS (Rolando Graña – A24)

Mary O’Donnell and Ernest Tenembaum


-City of domes (Aníbal Pachano – Channel a)

-Rich stories (Daniel Balnaceda and Federico Wiemeyer – TN) WINNER

-The earth speaks (Boy Olmi – Encounter)

Art and trend:

-Parallel Worlds (Julieta Díaz – Encounter)

-Open Theater (Encounter) WINNER

-Everything is transformed (Diego Ramos – Discovery home & health)


-Good morning America (Antonio Laje and María Belén Ludueña – A24)

-Chiche 2021 (Samuel “Chiche” Gelblung and Sofia Monacheli – Chronicle HD)

-Tempraneros (Sergio Lapegüe and Roxy Vázquez – TN)

-Central TN (Franco Mercuriali, Carolina Love and Maru Duffard – TN) WINNER

-Central Chronicle (Diego Moranzoni and Germán Mónaco – HD Chronicle)

Martin Fierro de Cable 2022: TN Central, Best Newscast

sports news:

-Sportia (Gastón Recondo, Guido Percovich, Germán Giani, Juan Martín Rinaldi, Cristian Garófalo, Jessica Dorado, María José “Majo” Lezcano and Pablo Lamédica – TyC Sports)

-Sportscenter (German Paoloski, Alina Moine, Cecilia “Chechu” Bonelli, Pablo Stecco, Jorge Barrel, Pablo Ferreira, Mercedes Margalot, Augustine Larocca, Augustine Scalise, Brunette Beltran, Marcelo Lopez, Ayrton Ruiz, Martin Altberg, Francisco Canepa, Maxim Palma , John Marconi and John Ignatius “John” William – ESPN) WINNER

-Sportscenter night (Alina Moine, Diego Monroig, Javier Gil Navarro, Nicolás Brusco, Juan Carlos Pellegrini and Gonzalo Cardozo – ESPN)

Germán Paolovsky
Germán Paolovsky


-#Bonadeo (Gonzalo Bonadeo and Guido Bercovich – TyC Sports)

-Team F (Sebastián “El Pollo” Vignolo – ESPN) WINNER

-ESPN F10 (Gustavo López – ESPN)

-Soccer without stains (Gabriel Anello – Channel 26)

Martin Fierro de Cable 2022: Team F, Best Sports Program

Sports journalist:

-ESPN F90 (Sebastián Vignolo – ESPN)

-Soccer study (Gastón Recondo, Marcelo Palacios, Hugo Balassone, Agustín Fantasia and Leo Farinella – TyC Sports) WINNER

-Libero (Ariel Rodríguez and Ariel Senosiain – TyC Sports)

Extreme sports:


-Natural instinct (DeporTV)

-Winter news (Debora Bustos – ESPN/Fox Sports) GANADOR

Musical (tango/folklore):

-100 years of Piazzolla (Encounter) WINNER

-Code guitar (Ernesto Snajer – Channel A)

-Folklore at home (Victoria Casaurang – City Channel)

Musical (pop / rock / latino / jazz):

-Support band (Germán “El Tano” Nieto and Diego “Rulo” Gómez – I want music in my language)

-The viola (TN)

-Put a pick! (Diego Mizrahi – Channel (a) WINNER

Children / youth:

-The chiribitil club (Pakapaka)

-Animal intelligence (Paka paka) WINNER

-The adventures of crescent (Paka paka)

Information service:




– HD Chronicle

Documentary film:

-2001: the year of the playpen (History) WINNER

-Eva, the path of the people (Encounter)

-The truth about the death of Maradona (TN)

Medical Topics:

-For sure (Stamboulian – Subway)

-Beauty tv (Ciudad Magazine) WINNER

-Malbran, Silent Heroes (Encounter)

-Thesis on health (Verónica Varano – A24)

Dr. Daniel Félix thanked APTRA for the possibility of winning the award for the cycle
Dr. Daniel Félix thanked APTRA for the possibility of winning the award for the cycle

Healthy lifestyle:

-ESPN yoga (ESPN)

-Happy Life (Hernán Lirio – TV Chronicle)

-Free beings (Gaston Pauls – Chronicle HD) WINNER

Gastón Pauls won his Martín Fierro for his Free Beings program in the Healthy Life category
Gastón Pauls won his Martín Fierro for his Free Beings program in the Healthy Life category


-Pantagruelico take away (Diego Perez – City Channel)

-children (Felicitas Pizarro and Christian Petersen – The gourmet) WINNER

-Parrilleros Space (Christophe Krywonis – Space)

Martin Fierro de Cable 2022: Grill for every day, Best culinary program

Rural program:

-A corral (Silvio Baiocco – canal Rural)

-Animals (Matias Longoni – Metro)

-More field (Eleonora Cole – LN+) WINNER

Tourism and free time:

-Tourism and hospitality (Cristina Castro and Meme Castro – Channel 26)

-Airplane mode (Daniel Montero – Metro) WINNER

-Visual World (Mirtha Gómez Villalba – A24)

-Rumbo norte (Karina Mazzocco – A24)

Feminine / fashion:

– Fashion DNA (Fabiana Araujo – Metro)

-The fashion cage (Horacio Cabak – Ciudad Magazine)

-Mix of fashions (A24)

Martin Fierro de Cable 2022: The Fashion Cage, Best Female/Fashion Program

of services:

-With you 24 hours (Tete Coustarot – A24) WINNER

-The defender (Adrián Frascino and Facundo Frascino – Cronica HD)

-Freaks (TN)

-What is fair and necessary (Clara Salguero – A24)

Martin Fierro de Cable 2022: With you 24 hours, Best Services program

Games / entertainment / reality / humor:

-Freestyle attitude – fifth season (MTV)

-The pass / reawakened (Guido Martínez and Fernando Molinero – TN)

-I sing like (Cristian Vanadia – I want music in my language) WINNER

Comprehensive production:

-A dos voces (Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano – TN)

-Minutouno (Gustavo Sylvestre – C5N)



humorous work:

-Granados, Migue (ESPN Playroom – ESPN)

-Muzzio, Pato (ESPN F360 – ESPN)

-Tarico, Ariel (TN) WINNER

Female driving job:

-Amoroso, Carolina (TN Central – TN) WINNER

-Brizuela, Monserrat (The afternoon of Chronicle – Chronicle)

-Ballester, Daniela (See you and Open Debate – C5N)

Male driving job:

-Battaglia, Eduardo (Live on Saturday – A24)

-Giron, Nacho (CNN newsroom Buenos Aires – CNNE)

-Moranzoni, Diego (Chronicle 2021, Chronicle News, Sunday Afternoon – Chronicle HD) WINNER

Sports journalistic work:

-Bonadeo, Gonzalo (Olympic Games and #Bonadeo – TyC Sports)

-Closs, Mariano (Team F and Espn F12 – ESPN)

-Rodríguez, Ariel (Step by step, High pressure, Copa América and Libero – TyC Sports) WINNER

-Vignolo, Sebastian (ESPN F90 – ESPN)

-Varsky, Juan Pablo (TN Sport)

Female journalistic work:

-Besares, Tamara (Real time – Chronicle HD)

-Ludueña, Belén (Good morning America – A24) WINNER

-Salguero, Clara (News Team and Alive on Saturday – A24)

-Sampedro, Valeria (TN)

Male journalistic work:

-Alfano, Edgardo (The two voices – TN)

-Castro, Nelson (TN)

-Gelblung, Samuel “Chiche” (The new tragedies of the famous – Chronicle HD) WINNER

Advertising notice:

-Letter (Unicenter – Gift) WINNER

-Christmas spirit (Mercado Pago – Gut)

-The face of the world (Philco – Gut)

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