Martin Richenhagen: “Germany is no longer relevant for the American President”

Martin Richenhagen is the only German manager who runs one of the largest 500 US companies. The CEO of the agricultural machinery company AGCO is also an American citizen and can therefore elect the future US president.

WORLD: Don’t you have to choose which side of the conflict between the US and China?

Richenhagen: I don’t think that would be the end of diplomacy. Despite different ideas, you have to work out compromises. There are certain points where the American president doesn’t just speak for America. The German trade balance is not sustainable in the long term, and I can only agree with the criticism of our defense policy. We have a Bundeswehr that is incapable of acting. We are unable to defend our country. Instead of getting the Bundeswehr up to speed, we are now spending billions of euros aimlessly under the heading of Corona measures. I think this is not a well thought out policy.

WORLD: What would the alternative be in the Corona crisis?


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