Martin Schütt wants to crown his comeback with a Hawaii ticket

The premiere made you want more. After his debut in 2019, Martin Schütt would like to fulfill his dream of participating in the Ironman Hawaii again. The legendary competition is full of myths and legends, says the triathlete who lives in Kritzmow. “You can tell at the airport. You get off the plane, look around and think: Is it wonderful here! “


Two tickets for the race in Hawaii, which has been postponed to the beginning of February, will be awarded on Saturday at the Ironman Italy. Schütt will swim 3.86 kilometers in the Adriatic and then cycle 180.2 km and run 42.195 km through the historic landscape of Emilia-Romagna. “I’m full of energy,” says the 42-year-old, who has to come first or second in the amateur rating in his age group.

His best time is 9:25 hours – achieved at the German Championships in Hamburg in 2019. In Rimini he would like to “really knock it out again”. Schütt is aiming for a time of nine hours, but also knows that a lot can happen during a race. Whether slipped swimming goggles, a flat tire or a cramp while running – nobody is immune to bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps on the long distance. “If it isn’t enough in the end, I take my hat off to those who were better,” says the 1.77 meter tall endurance athlete.

A year ago he made the decision to try his luck in Italy. A team of seven – consisting of family members and friends – accompanies him to the Adriatic. His colleagues call out times during the race and give him mental support. “We understand each other blindly”, says the athlete starting for the TG triZack Rostock. The family man wants to show his children “how strong and persistent dad is”.

Getting to the finish line is a huge story, says Schütt. Just like in October 2019 in Hawaii when he arrived on Ali’i Drive in Kona after 9:50 hours. “I was proud that I made it through consistently,” says Markus Liebelt’s (31) protégé, who was plagued by back problems two days before the race. After his return, Schütt had to undergo a disc operation. “It was clear that at some point I would end up on the operating table. Without the sport it would probably have happened ten years earlier, ”he is convinced.

Take a break for almost eight months. Corona made it difficult to return. Several competitions were canceled last year, including the Ironman in Hawaii. “We athletes suffered a lot from the pandemic. We could no longer swim and also no longer train in a group, ”says the native of Kühlungsborn, who runs a health center in Bad Doberan together with Alexandra Gerlach.

Health is the greatest good, emphasizes Martin Schütt. He wants to get people excited about triathlon. “You might start with three kilometers. The three will eventually become four, then five, ”says the endurance athlete. The journey doesn’t have to end the long distance in Hawaii, he adds with a smile.

In the coming year he would like to organize a big triathlon event in Bad Doberan. “Then the cooling goes up and down.”

Triathlon is very familiar, says Schütt. “I got to know super nice people through sport. Everyone helps everyone, ”says the Mecklenburg resident, who is a member of the Austrian Omni-Biotec Powerteam.

Swimming, cycling and running are three modes of transport, all of which are used for fitness and wellbeing. “In principle, anyone can do it. There are also short distances, family and company events, ”says the late starter, who competed in his first triathlon in 2012. Three years later he won the Rügenbrücken and Darß marathons. The first international competitions follow – and in 2019 the Hawaii debut.

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