Martín Vizcarra | Three aspiring effective collaborators affirm that the consortium paid S / 1,300,000 to Vizcarra, according to El Comercio

According to the declaration of three new aspiring effective collaborators of the Prosecutor’s Office, the companies Ingenieros Civiles y Contractors Generales SA (ICCGSA), and Incot paid S / 1,300,000 to the president Martin Vizcarra when he was regional governor to obtain the good pro of the construction of the Regional Hospital of Moquegua, as reported this Sunday by the newspaper El Comercio.

The publication notes that the three aspiring effective collaborators declared the prosecutor Germán Juárez, member of the Lava Jato special team, and they supported their statements with a series of documents.

He aspirator N ° 01-2018 states that days after bids were submitted for the construction of the regional hospital of Moquegua in 2013, a Emissary of Martín Vizcarra contacted Rafael Granados, representative of ICCGSA, and told him that the current head of state “requested approximately S / 1’300,000 to proceed to approve the offer submitted and that if it was not accepted, he would not give his consent to sign the contract“.

Accordingly, to the same applicant, Granados contacted Javier Jordán Morales, ICCGSA’s legal representative, who consulted with Incot “and they were forced to agree to the request in order not to lose the contract.”

It should be noted that in 2013, two consortia were interested in the construction of the referred hospital: Moquegua I Consortium, made up of Associated Civil Engineers (ICA), Maintenance and General Projects SAC and Kukova; and the Moquegua Hospital Consortium, formed by ICCGSA and Incot.

Trade specifies that most of the payments made by the ICCGSA-Incot consortium They were through Granados, between 2014 and 2016, and that these were also made through the same emissary of Martín Vizcarra. According to the post, this would be a ex-minister of the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

In addition, the aspiring effective employee N ° 01-2018 assures that when Martín Vizcarra was Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Transport and Communications in 2016, his emissary called Fernando Castillo of ICCGSA to request to cancel the outstanding balance on the good will of the work in Moquegua.

The post indicates that The delivery of this money, S / 200,000, was made at the home of this emissary in La Molina where he was also present Martin Vizcarra. The amount was placed inside a manila envelope and placed on a shelf by Fernando Castillo.

“Minutes later, Vizcarra gets up from his place and goes to the shelf where the money was and keeps it“added the aspiring collaborator.

Likewise, the applicant effective employee N ° 013-2018 He also assured prosecutor Juárez the existence of the amount of S / 1,300,000 that Martín Vizcarra requested from ICCGSA to give “approval of the offer” for the work in the Moquegua region.

While the third aspiring effective contributor confirmed “the illicit agreement” between Granados, representative of ICCGSA, and Martin Vizcarra by the hospital and affirmed by the other aspiring collaborators.


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