Marvel’s Avengers causes millions in losses to Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers does not seem to be going through his best after a very bumpy and troubled launch that has led to many players have gotten off the car in little more than a month since its initial launch in Spain and the rest of the world, a hard setback for any title that aspires to offer a gaming experience as a service.

Far from the target

All of it has ended up affecting your business success And although it has not sold exactly little, it seems that its sales have been insufficient and have ended up causing great losses to Square Enix, a company that has just reported that his losses from this game have been 6.5 billion yen, about 52 million euros approximately to change.

The implication of this is that the game has only sold 3 million copies while its budget has been more than 100 million dollars (about 84 million euros), thus remaining very far from meeting its sales target.

With this situation, if he wants to come back he needs to regain the attention of the players through patches, improvements and new content, although the updates that were planned have been delayed, as well as their versions for the new generation consoles, two hard blows that will only hinder his recovery options.

The checkered adventure of The Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers it is an action game that allows us to embody the most famous group of superheroes in the world to embark on all kinds of missions, either alone or in the company of our friends. At analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal we tell you that “it is a title that is far from perfect and that still has much to improve, with a nefarious mission design and lack of ideas, and a number of programming errors that ruin much of the experience “, although in its favor we also said that” the playable base that there is is very solid, assuming an excellent foundation on those to build in the future. “


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