Mary-Kate Olsen: The divorce is officially filed

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Mary-Kate Olsen (33, “Full House”) and Olivier Sarkozy (50) will soon be divorced. As the US portal “Page Six” reports, the 33-year-old has now officially filed for divorce at a court in New York. This had not been possible before due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Olsen allegedly filed for divorce in early May. Due to the corona pandemic, however, this was not accepted and processed because it was not an emergency. An emergency decision was then submitted but rejected. As of Monday (May 25th) it was again possible to submit applications electronically.

Unfulfilled desire to have children?

There should be several reasons for marriage-out. An insider revealed to the US magazine “People” that the marriage allegedly failed primarily because Olsen wished for children together – and not him. “A baby had no priority for her a few years ago. That has changed,” said the anonymous source. And further: “Olivier has two grown children and does not want to have any more. […] Mary-Kate thought he would give in on the matter, but he didn’t. “Sarkozy’s children are from a previous marriage.

Olsen and Sarkozy, the half brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozys (65), had been in a relationship since 2012. Three years later, the wedding bells rang in Manhattan, New York City. The separation became known in mid-May 2020.


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