Mary Méndez introduced the man of her life and dedicated a meaningful message

Although every weekend mary mendez appears on the screen Snail Television presenting in Network the most representative news from the world of entertainment, His followers have also been interested in knowing some details of his private life..

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On his Instagram account he has 1.3 million followers with whom he constantly interacts through the dynamic of ‘questions and answers’. The presenter has also shown her discipline with exercise and good nutrition. In fact, he has a company for a healthy line of breads, granolas, among other foods.

Who is Mary Mendez’s boyfriend?

The sentimental life of Samaria has always been of great interest to some Internet users. A few weeks ago, she revealed that she was single and happy, enjoying that stage of her life.

In her Instagram profile, she explained why she is single, although she is usually very reserved with her private life. “I want to have a partner, but a person with life already completely clear and defined, who knows exactly what he wants and that we go together on the same path and that today is not easy and I am not looking for either, zero , I’m not interested, I prefer to spend my moments doing my things in my solitude and doing my job. I am not the type of woman who goes out from date to date or goes around trying one man and the other”, assured.

Mary Mendez: he is the man of her life

In a recent publication, Méndez introduced the man of her life, referring to her father, who was celebrating his birthday, so she decided to dedicate some loving words to him. “Love of my life, the architect of my discipline, my role model, my mentor, my everything. I only thank God for one more year with you and I ask you to be eternal. Happy birthday dad, I love you with my soul.

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Then the driver Network He posted another image where his father appears with his mother, to whom he also expressed all his love through some emotional words. “And my mother won the lottery, because they no longer make this model, a just, upright, honest, disciplined man, a worker like him alone, faithful, noble, detail-oriented like no other. Strict on another level, that’s why when they ask me why I’m ‘so demanding’ I laugh and answer to myself: because my father sets the bar very high, I don’t expect anything less than what he has shown us all his life”.

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How old is Mary Mendez?

The presenter, who is one of the most beloved on Colombian television, was born on June 12, 1976. She is currently 46 years old and her photos and videos on social networks are constantly praised by her followers, who highlight her beauty and statuesque body.

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