Maryland lottery player has won the jackpot of a game 79 times in just one year, and now they investigate if he cheated

In Maryland, lottery officials said they are now working to identify questionable practices.

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A Maryland state audit found that, in one year, a single man has won the $5,000 Pick 4 lottery game jackpot 79 times.. The odds of winning once are one in 10 thousand.

The Maryland Lottery Agency’s state legislative audit of the lottery found that this is not an isolated case, as there are many other people who have won big prizes in a one-year period.

In fact, according to the findings, there are eight people who have won grand prizes 200 times or more between them.

The identities of the players have not been released at this time.

This news, of course, has not been received positively by other lottery players. “I want to know how they cheated, and they did, because there are a lot of people who haven’t won once,” said Christine Moore, a regular lottery player from the city of Catonsville, according to Fox 45.

“If they’re doing it honestly, I wish them good luck and I hope they win 79 times as much,” Moore added.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor said of the case: “This has nothing to do with lottery products, they are completely safe. We are investigating if the person claiming the winning prize is doing something they shouldn’t be doingsaid the Pennsylvania auditor general.

In Maryland, lottery officials said they are now working to identify questionable practices.

Authorities are investigating whether there is collusion between players, sellers and lottery authorities to cheat games.

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