Marzuki Alie admits that he was lobbied by SBY not to become a PD in KLB Bali


Marzuki Alie admitted that he had been lobbied by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) so that he does not become a candidate for chairman during the extraordinary congress (KLB) Democratic party (PD) in Bali. Marzuki admitted that he had consolidated his supporters.

This was told by Marzuki after the Demorkat politician Jhoni Allen Marbun revealed that SBY had asked him to lobby Marzuki, who was the former Secretary General of PD, so that he did not advance to be a candidate for ketum during the PD KLB in Bali in 2013.

At that time, Marzuki claimed to have received news that SBY wanted to become Chairman of the PD. He then said that many people began to lobby him so that he did not advance to become a candidate for Ketum PD. One of those who lobbied, he said, was Jhoni Allen Marbun.

“But apparently SBY wants to be a ketum. Well, I want to be a ketum, then I didn’t know. In the end, many people lobbied me so that hand it over to SBY, including Jhoni Allen, “he said, Monday (1/3/2021).

Marzuki then talked about the brief conversation between himself and Jhoni Allen Marbun. Initially, Marzuki did not believe Jhoni Allen’s statement.

“I met Jhoni, ‘Where are you looking for?’ Jhoni said. I did disappear in the morning. I am consolidating my people. It’s already noon, I met Bang Jhoni. ‘Wow, you gini, gini, gini‘. “Yes, usually Jhon, the name is contestation”, I said, democracy. I have to prepare troops, I said. ‘Never mind, accept ask Pak SBY wants to be a ketum, ‘he said. ‘Ah right‘, I say. ‘I don’t believe it’, “he said.

Marzuki said that at that time he immediately met SBY to discuss this matter. He met SBY with Jero Wacik as witnesses at the meeting.

“Finally found with SBY. When I was found with SBY I did not want to be alone. When I arrived I was asked by SBY, I said. But I asked for witnesses, I do not want no witnesses,” he said.

“So when in Bali, Mr. Jero Wacik (the witness),” he added.

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