Masahiro Higashide, abandoned by both the office and the viewers … Kyou is the irony of the informal report starring “Moon 9” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

The exclusive contract was terminated from the agency, Humanité, on February 14th.Higashide Masahiro

This magazine scooped out of the office in January, but this time, Humanité officially issued a sentence about the circumstances of the contract cancellation.

There, “What we felt was not so much anger as it was a sense of futility and emptiness. 》 And disappointment with Higashide …….

“actress·Erika KarataWithAffairWas reported, and in July of the same year, his wifeapricotDivorced with Mr.

The deciding factor was probably the enthusiasm with the half-beautiful woman in her 20s, which was reported by Shukan Bunshun in October 2021. Higashide was calling her lover to her location and letting her stay overnight.

As expected, the patience bag of the office has run out, but in this statement, “I can tell that it is really sharp” “I have never seen a sentence with such feelings in the announcement from the entertainment agency”. The viewer was also surprised. At the same time, fans criticized “Did you make the office feel like this?” (Entertainment journalist)

Higashide is limited by entertainment agencies and fans, but the divorced Kyou is showing a contrasting activity.

In 2021, he performed well in “Japan Sinks” (TBS series), which will be his first serial drama appearance in two years. The movie “The Addams Family 2 Cross-America Travel!” She is also active as a voice actor in “The Deer King Yuna and the Promised Journey.” In addition, the YouTube channel opened in November has nearly 500,000 subscribers.

Furthermore, on February 16th, “Daily Shincho” reports that Kyou has been appointed to star in the “Moon 9” drama.

According to media reports, Kyou will appear in a drama set in the Fair Trade Commission. She seems to play a non-carry FTC who, along with her career staff, confronts numerous incidents such as collusion.

There are many voices on the net, with distinct light and dark.

<< The image is too solid. Higashide who couldn't take good care of such a woman ... This result is inevitable.

《Masahiro Higashide has been dismissed from the office, and it is said that his future work will be tough, but it is ironic that the exposure of Kyou will increase in inverse proportion.》

Two people who were once called “Mandarin duck couple”. Who would have expected such a future?


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