Masahiro Sakurai gave his opinion on Cyberpunk 2077 and its release

Masahiro Sakurai offered his opinion on Cyberpunk 2077 in the prestigious magazine Famitsu , and in addition to stating that he supports the game “from the bottom” of his heart, he commented that the whole refund situation made him feel downright moved.

The statements of the creator of Super Smash Bros. appeared in the last issue of Weekly Famitsu as part of his personal column, but these excerpts are taken from excerpts shared by user @ Ryokutya2089 on Twitter. (You can also check out a full translation on the YouTube Source Gaming channel.)

First of all, Sakurai wished his readers a happy year, but already getting into the subject he commented that he was surprised by Sony’s response when removing the game from the PS4 and PS5 virtual stores. Sakurai confessed that the whole refund thing It made him feel “deeply moved” as “this kind of sincerity has never been seen before.

The video game designer continued to talk about his experience with the game. At first he tested it on PS4 Pro and was able to play it “smoothly” at 30 frames per second stable. However in the end he decided to switch to PC, but had to replace his GPU to meet the graphical demands of the game.

Masahiro Sakurai

Image: Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai stated that Cyberpunk 2077 it is “a dream game” and he wondered how much production had been required to make it a reality. “Having the launch of a multiplatform AAA title on your hands is at a level where it’s enough for me to say it’s wonderful.”

Lastly, he said the game earned his support for the way it dealt with returns for disgruntled players. “I support this game from the bottom of my heart for dealing so sincerely with returns.”

With information from Siliconera.


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