“Masai” bloody battle!Tai Tzu Ying lost to Chen Yufei in 3 rounds and missed the challenge of 4 consecutive championships – Free Sports

Taiwanese sister Tai Tzu-ying lost to Chen Yufei and missed the 4th consecutive championship. (File photo, courtesy of Badminton Photo)

[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive report]Tai Tzu-ying, a Taiwanese sister, was in the top 4 of the Super 750 Series Malaysia Open today. In the third game, she was suspended for the second time due to an elbow bruise caused by saving the ball. In the end, she ended at 21:19, 13: At 21.15:21, she lost to the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist and Chinese female player Chen Yufei. She missed the championship and challenged for 4 consecutive championships.

Tai Tzu Ying and Chen Yufei have played against each other in the past 21 times, winning 17 wins and 4 losses, but most of the two encounters are inextricable, 12 of them are 3 games, Xiao Dai is in the final of Thailand Open and Indonesia Open this year. When it comes to Chen Yufei, the winner will be decided only after the tiebreaker.

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Tai Tzu Ying scored 3 points in a row at the start of the game today, and then used multiple shots to find an opportunity to attack and attack, and entered a technical timeout with 11:9, but Xiao Dai made more mistakes after that. In time to stabilize and close the gap, the two drew 3 times in the latter part of the game. Xiao Dai made a lucky ball that turned over the net at 19:19, which caught Chen Yufei off guard, and at the end of the game, Chen Yufei was forced to return the ball to the net. , won the first game with a thrilling 21:19.

After enjoying the side, Dai Tzu Ying entered the technical timeout with a strong performance of 11:5, but then fell into a turbulent flow, losing 10 points in a row to make Chen Yufei ahead of the score, Xiao Dai only scored 1 point during this period, with 13:21 gave up the second game.

The game entered the decisive game. Dai Tzu Ying made a beautiful start 4-0. When leading at 5:3, he added full horsepower and scored 4 points to widen the point difference. However, at 11:7, Xiao Dai suffered a bruise on his right elbow due to saving the ball. When applying for an injury stoppage, he took a 13:10 lead and paused again to stop the bleeding. Chen Yufei pulled out a 7:1 offensive to reverse, and Xiao Dai Li lost in 3 games.

Tai Tzu Ying won both the Thailand Open in May and the Indonesia Open in June this year. This time, the Malaysia has also won 3 consecutive victories. Unfortunately, she lost to Chen Yufei in the top 4. She missed the chance to challenge for 4 consecutive championships. The next stop will be next week. The unfolding Super 500 Series Malaysia Masters.

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