Mascha looks back on horror delivery in a long-awaited update

Fans of the first hour can indulge themselves, because now that Mascha uploads vlogs again, they finally get an update on how the young family is doing. After a traumatic delivery of 25 hours, in which daughter Mila was born with a broken arm, she briefly initiated a vlogbreak. But now she is back with no less than two videos a week in which she takes her followers extensively into the maternity week.

Trying to catch heavy contractions, going to the hospital without having an idea of ​​what awaits her, the first tears: Mascha is very open and just doesn’t show the delivery itself.

“I’m going to give birth”

In the images she made just before giving birth, Mascha tries to open her video while she is catching the first contractions. “Shit”, it sounds panicky. “It is now six o’clock,” said Gregor. “At half past four I woke up gently.”

“This is our daughter Mila Poppy”

In the next video, Mascha proudly introduces her to the general public. Just gave birth or not, she just starts filming right after waking up. “Our sweet daughter was born last night. She is now next to me.” Mascha looks quite calm after the intense delivery she has had. Later it turns out that the severity of this has not yet fully descended.


In a later vlog, the vlogger seems to realize more and more what she and her daughter had to go through during delivery. The first maternity tears flow freely. “I’m crying so, because I get so many sweet messages from people.” Because Mila does not fit normal baby clothes because of her broken arm, Mascha had to turn to others for help. “I find it all so difficult. The whole maternity period is so different, because we can not hold her in a certain way. We can not bathe her, do not shower. I am now also getting flashbacks of what happened . “

‘Hugging a lot’

At least Mascha can count on the support of her husband Gregor, who takes over the care when trying to catch up on sleep. The father-daughter moments are carefully captured and that produces sweet images.

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