«Maserati» continues leader with a small advantage over the «LoveWarer»

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A strong anticyclone just in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, has become for the moment the main protagonist of this edition of the Cape To Rio ocean race, since it has led to the advantage accumulated by Maserati Multi 70 over its great rival the Ultime 80 LoveWarer, has been reduced to nothing. Both trimarannes are in the position part of the 12 UTC hours today, 1498 miles from the arrival in Rio, although the Maserati for its position, the tracking confirms it as absolute leader of the regatta in real time, after having overcome to the rest of the fleet that took the exit on January 4.

Although the weather situation was favorable to the tactical option chosen by the Maserati Multi 70 to cross the high pressure, a fact that confirmed Soldini in his statements made at 12 noon today, “On board Maserati Multi 70 we are really going at the top of our possibilities. The wind began to strengthen again an hour and a half ago and now we are going 30 knots in the waves with 20 knots of stern wind. It’s an incredible battle against LoveWater, which follows us less than 10 miles behind. ”

Maserati took the lead on Tuesday 14, and since then I keep a distance with his rival that ranged between 30 and 35 miles. On Wednesday 15, Maserati Multi 70 was sailing at 17 knots with east-northeast winds and southwest heading, retaining an advantage of 35 miles. But Soldini said in the afternoon “that the situation was quite complex”, since they were sailing aft towards the high pressure located southeast of Rio. Soldini continued “we, in reference to the Italian trimaran, began to notice the fall of the wind and therefore the speed of the ship, while our rival LoveWater, is approaching at full speed since it has not yet entered the area of ​​influence of the high”. At 16 hours UTC, the Maserati Multi 70 had surpassed the equator of the regatta and was located 1602 miles from the regatta, maintaining a small advantage of 8 miles over the LoveWater. But the progression in miles sailed in 24 hours had fallen a lot, since Maserati had completed a total of 266 miles against his competitor’s 324. Also these days, it was known by statements made since the trimaran, that LoveWater, during the first night of racing had had a collision with an unidentified floating object, which produced the consequent breakdown that could be repaired and continue racing. .


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