Masks not thrown away, dirty classes… A school facing major cleaning problems

The parents of students at Jacques-Prévert elementary school in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, in the Loiret, are at their wit’s end. For a year now, they have been dropping off their children every morning in classrooms whose cleanliness leaves something to be desired, reports
France Blue Orleans.

In this school, the cleaning has been entrusted, since September 2020, to a private company. After the complaints of many parents, a new company was therefore commissioned to clean the classes from the start of the 2021 school year. But its services are not convincing either.

Municipal agents soon to be recruited

“The masks remain in the trash for several days, the blackboard is not cleaned, the tables are not washed, there is dust everywhere in the classroom. Everything is dirty, ”testifies a mother of a student. No effort is made in the toilets either, where children run out of paper, soap and towels.

Faced with complaints from teachers and parents, the mayor of this town located on the outskirts of Orleans has therefore decided to recruit municipal agents to replace the private provider. Recruitment which should take time: the arrival of these agents is not expected before next January. Until then, the municipality will carry out regular checks to ensure that the classrooms are properly cleaned.

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