Maspero Triangle from nests of luxury towers.. See the project after the completion of the first phase

The seventh day monitored the finishing works in the Maspero Triangle project in Cairo, in preparation for handing over the units to the residents, after implementing 4 towers overlooking the 26th of July Street in the project, as part of the entire development scheme for the area.

In this context, Eng. Khaled Ali, Executive Director of one of the companies executing the project, confirmed that internal and external finishing works are underway for the towers project in Maspero area, which consists of a basement (basement garage) with a flat of 19220 m2, a capacity of 353 cars, and a ground floor (commercial) with a flat 16,970 square meters, and a first floor (upper garage) with a flat of 15800 square meters, a capacity of 280 cars, and two towers for alternative housing for those residents of the “Maspero Triangle” who agreed to the option to return to it after its development, and each of them consists of 18 residential floors with a total of 468 housing units, and a tower A third with a height of 23 residential floors with a total of 134 housing units, and a fourth tower (administrative tower) consisting of a basement + commercial ground floor, and 15 repeated floors.

It is noteworthy that the Maspero area is located within the Gharb district of Cairo Governorate, bordered by the Nile Corniche on the western side, 26th of July Street from the northern side, Al-Galaa Street from the eastern side, and Abdel Moneim Riyad Square from the southern side. The length of the waterfront of the area is about 900 m. Its approximate area is about 75.19 acres with all its existing buildings and landmarks. The area is characterized by the presence of many distinctive uses, the most important of which are the Radio and Television Union building, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, Dar Al Maaref building, the Ramses Hilton Hotel, and the Italian Consulate, and based on the state’s tendency to develop slums To improve the standard of living of the groups inhabiting it, work has been started to develop the area classified as an unsafe area with a second degree of danger.

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