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Game news Mass Effect Legendary Edition: A Auspicious Remaster?

You probably did not miss the information: the Mass Effect trilogy will soon return to our machines, in a remastered edition, to bring a cult franchise up to date. We discuss in this video the benefits and also the few fears raised by the arrival of this new version.

A modernized edition and all in one

Mass Effect : Legendary Edition will therefore be released during the second quarter of 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series. Without speaking of a remake, this edition will however be a remaster of the first three episodes of the Bioware saga. Thus, you will be able to relive the adventures of Commander Shepard with improved textures, finer particle effects and, incidentally, 4K Ultra HD compatibility and ‘backward’ backward compatibility, allowing you to take advantage of that definition if you buy the game on PS4 / Xbox One and later purchase a PS5 / Series X.

In addition, all DLC of the game will be directly included in this version. This format will therefore be ideal for those who discover the trilogy for the first time. Indeed, Mass Effect has the particularity of being a saga with excellent additional content, which ultimately turns out to be quite essential since they provide real keys to understanding the universe. It will therefore be possible to be able to play a game that was designed as a trilogy in one go, without having to reload a previous save to take advantage of the numerous contributions of the various additional content.

A simple remaster insufficient for the first opus?

However, the last remaining doubt is the legitimacy of a remake. If we will not refuse the compatibility with modern screens or the dusting of the aging textures of the three games, the first part of the franchise would undoubtedly have benefited from being revamped. Its gameplay and today its heaviness is the weight of years, and, in the absence of clear-cut changes, the aging nature of the game could still put off those who were by the original title.

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