Mass Effect Legendary Edition will get a big Day One patch

To get up to date, you sometimes have to accept to gain a little weight. A sacrifice that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have to pay, with its Day One patch.

Greatness and desolation, we will once again make room on our hard drives to Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

If we do not yet know how much the game will weigh in total, we have however just learned the weight of son patch Day One and as much to tell you straight away, it is not to be placed in the “light weight” category.

Stamped in version 1.1 on Sony’s servers, the latter reached 11,8 Go.

What will he offer?

  • Overall performance improvement
  • Frame-rate improvement
  • Improvement of ambient occlusion
  • Improved lighting
  • Several fixes for various minor bugs and freeze

In addition to PlayStation consoles, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, will also land on the various Xbox and PC systems on May 14th.


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